The Minifigure (Of Doom).

Introduction: The Minifigure (Of Doom).

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Some Random Guy: Last night this thing attacked me. It almost killed me! Do not build this!!!!!
Me: Something's wrong with your head. Here, let me help you. *Slaps the guy's head* This is made out of LEGO, and ghosts are fake.
Some Random Guy: That hurt! Hey, I built that, and it's awesome!
Me: Yep, that fixed it. Oh, hi there. Sorry for that, now for the Instructable!

Hello, and welcome to the instructions for my evi- um, I mean awesome creation! Muhahahahaha-*cough cough*

Uh... why are you still reading this? Why don't you read the Instructable?

If you are still reading this, JUST FOLLOW THE STEPS ALREADY!!!!

Step 1: Bits and Peices

You can't build this without parts. So you need to go get some. Here's the list of the plastic building toys you need:
 >>>**PARTS LIST**<<
x1: Minifig (Who dosen't mind feeling lots of pain) (Pic 1)
x2: Black Hand/Claw (Pic 2)
x2: 1x1 Plate with Vertical Hand (Pic 3)
x3: 1x1 Plate with Horizontal Hand (Pic 4)
x1: 1x1 Plate with 2-Way Knob Thing (Pic 5)
x3: 1x1 Stud (Pic 6)
x1: 1x1 Slope (Pic 7)
x2: Pistol (Revolver, Clone Trooper Pistol, Any pistol that has an angled handle) (Pic 8)
x1: Head with Clip on Bottom, I used the Commando Droid head (Pic 9)
x1: Battle Droid Body (Pic 10)
x1: Hood *Optional* (Pic 11)
x1: Cape *Optional* (Pic 11)

Got e'm all? If so, good for you. Now you get to do the fun part. Onward to the next step!

Step 2: How to Torture a Minifig

Now, some of the parts you need are connected to our bricky little friend here. Sorry, this will hurt a bit...

Step 3: The Legs and Feet

HALT! You must make this. There is no turning back. The epicness of this minifig will soon be in your possession...

Step 4: The Body

This is your next challenge, THE BODY! Pass it, and you can make the next thing.

Step 5: The Arms and Hands

Make this if you complete it blah blah blah.

Step 6: The Head

Make this and BLAH BLAH Whatever.

Step 7: Assembling the Minifigure.

Now that we have all the parts, we shall assemble our creation!!! MUHAHAHAHAAAAAA! Attatch the head like so in the last pic.

Step 8: Nice Job!


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    War pig
    War pig

    6 years ago

    How do you attach the head