The Minimalist


I challenged myself to make a design that would use the least amount of material possible without sacrificing functionality and style. I held back from adding volume to to the design and because of this my biggest problem was the measly 6 mm clearance from the circular flat part of the face(s) to the raised corners. My approach is by making a screw. I made a tread that would allow the inner cylinder to rotate a maximum of 270 degrees which effectively doubles the clearance without resorting to a permanent solution. But why raise the height? This is because I want it to be stackable. I understand that this product is intended for learning and perhaps educational institutions could opt purchasing en masse. Instead of keeping the boxes which would take up so much space, why not just pile them on top of each other? Finally, you may have noticed that there's a slot that aligns once you reach a certain degree of rotation which then you'd flip the little tab and you have a phone stand. It just makes sense because it's a bluetooth speaker and you'd most probably use your phone to tether with this device. So this is just simple, no rocket ships or robots or bike accessories. It's how I imagine it's use case to be, nothing fancy.



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