Hack NeuroSky's MindWave RF to MindWave BLE4.0




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NeuroSky's MindWave Headset is the most cheapest EEG headset in the world. It supports PC and Mac, But not IOS or android or arduino.

Okay, MindWave Mobile is Bluetooth approved by Apple. And it supports IOS and android. It supports arduino too, though the cost is a little high.

Hacking MindWave headset into BLE will solve all the problem for developers. The only loss is the Raw Data Output ( Actually they are not important for most developers).

BLE is friendly for IOS, Android, Arduino. It is cheap and open, and the most important thing is BLE is less energy cost and more steady actually.( Good for both Earth and You.)

Start this project,you need to prepare some materials such as BLE4.0 Bluetooth module, LED 6030, USB to serial port device , serial debugging assistant software, welding tools, soldering tin cross screwdriver, etc.

Step 1: Disassemble and Modify MindWave RF

1. Uncover the brand sticker, then you will find four screws under the sticker;

2. Remove the four screws after which you could find that there are two screws fixed in the internal circuit ;

3. Leave the two screws where they are before changing the baud rate of the TGAM module to 9600 by moving the resistance (in the red rectangle) up;

4. Remove the two screws and then the RF module as well as the LED indicator(in the red circle )from the circuit.

Step 2: Modify BLE4.0 Module

1. The module we choose is BT-05. The wiring diagram is as the picture above;

2. Connect the module to the computer through the USB to serial port device, and then change the name of the Bluetooth module and the connection password through the serial debugging assistant;

3. Change the Bluetooth module’s data through the serial debugging assistant.

Step 3: Reassemble MindWave RF

1. Solder the BLE4.0 Bluetooth module to the modified circuit board of MindWave RF;

2. Add some hot melt adhesive to the solder joint and assemble the MindWave RF (The indicator light on the BLE4.0 Bluetooth module must aim at the gap inside the MindWave RF when assembling )

Install the battery and turn the MindWave on. If the indicator light blinks blue, the modifying is finished. We also need to have a test to confirm the success. If you have interest, please refer to the test course.

If you wanna buy a MindWave EEG headset, here is the link:


If you wanna buy BLE headset, here is the link




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    1 year ago

    Here is the link for MindWave BLE testing manual


    Q: Could connect the MindWave BLE to Arduino?

    A: Yes, It could be connected to the arduino with a bluetooth master module, such as BT05-A mini BLE Bluetooth V4.0 iBeacon

    You don't need to send anything to the headset to get the data.when the BLE inside the headset is conceted with your master module,it can send data automatically to your master module,if you want to see the data,you should conect your master to a USB-SerialPort module(TXD to RXD,RXD to TXD,GND to GND) ,than conect the USB-SerialPort module with your laptop,open serial assistant software,set the baud rate to 9600,now you can see the data, data format is HEX and receive a frame of data per

    Data Explanation:


    How to connect BT05 to PC


    Open Source SDK for MindWave BLE


    Testing Video Tutorial


    Testing APK


    Sample Game: