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Introduction: The Monster Guard

About: My greatest joy in life is to see smiles and know that I was the cause.

Hello, my name is Jamie ,aka The Master Monster Maestro.
I am the creator of the Monster Guard Protectors.
   As a child, my family lived in a huge,old,creepy, "haunted" house. At night I would lay in bed for hours,huddled under my covers in fear,listening to creaky floor boards in the attic (the door to it was in my room),footsteps in the hallway and other scary night time noises. It seemed every night I was waking my parents for help,or climbing into bed with them.
  This all changed for me one day,during summer break when I was about 10 years old. As I was riding my bicycle around the neighborhood,I was drawn to a "penny box" at a garage sale. I rummaged through its contents excitedly,pushing aside an assortment of old door knobs and other odds and ends,in search of treasure that only a kid could hope to find for a single cent. As I burrowed my way toward the bottom,I found my treasure.
  From it's corrugated crypt,I pulled out an old,worn out,one eyed,stuffed animal that slightly resembled a teddy bear. One thing was for sure,it had definitely been played with. Next to its beady black eye,was a small hole with a wisp os stuffing that poked through as a reminder of the other eye that had once been there. It's mouth was no longer the pleasant smile it had once been. Half of it had worn away,giving him a menacing looking snarl. As my inspection continued,it occured to me how much he must have been loved during his lifetime. At that moment,a light clicked on in my head and I felt that fate had brought us together. I KNEW, that if I showed this pitiful looking thing the love that it had been given in the past,the magic it once held would live again and be greater than ever it had before. I also knew that with this rekindled magic,that he would protect me from any ghost,monster or anything else that tried to bother me.
   How did I know this you ask?
Because he was no longer a cute,smiling,little teddy bear....NO WAY!! NOT EVEN CLOSE!!
   He was now an old,grizzled,snarling ,scary looking monster!!
   On top of all that....he was MY pal!
I gladly paid my penny for him and peddled my bike back home. I had found my precious treasure....a monster with a heart.
   That is why all Protectors have the heart symbol on the left side of their chest,that I call,The Heart of the Protector. After all,a monster without a heart is just a monster.
   I named my monster Moekee and called him my Monster Guard.
It is my hope that all of my Monster Guard Protectors can give what Moekee gave to me......
  Friendship,imagination and above all else.....Love.

Though I do have a working website that I built myself, I would like to have one professionally made,perhaps adding a different customization process than the one I currently have, that encourages more interaction between children and their parents.

                                                                      FIGHT A MONSTER WITH A MONSTER!!

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    Yep. Good. I told one of my kids that zombies' brains got all confused by polkadots and that's all she wore to bed for a year. This is a big issue with little ones. Your guys are just scary enough to be fearsome and gust cuddly enough to be trusted. Perfect balance that is harder to achieve than people think. Yep. Good. Where can we get one?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I love the polka dot theory! I'm starting to believe it actually makes perfect sense.

    My youngest son has a fear of the dark,which is really what made me revisit my past and actually create for him what I had used to overcome my fears.....only I embellished on it...thus, The Monster Guard.

    My website has some available monsters on it and it also has some pictures of a few kids with their monsters. Feel free to check it out.

    Polka's awesome.