The MoodBox

Introduction: The MoodBox

The MoodBox is a useless and funny box that plays a random sound when you push the red button. The box is generic because depending on sounds you put inside, the purpose changes. For example, you can repurpose the MoodBox as Magic 8-Ball or use it as a laugh Box like I did.

This Instructable details steps to reproduce this MoodBox because it’s pointless but so necessary.

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Step 1: Gather the Parts

All the parts are listed below:

  • an arduino mini or a clone + a programmer like this one
  • a grove mp3 player from seeedstudio (the only mandatory element)
  • a mono audio amp
  • a push button like an arcade button (30 mm for this box design)
  • a 10K Rotary Potentiometer (10 mm for this box design)
  • a 1 MOhm resistor
  • a micro SD card
  • a usb female plug like that (30 mm for this box design)
  • some cables and head pins
  • an old computer speaker like this one
  • MDF 3mm

For the tools:

  • some wood glue
  • a soldering iron
  • hot glue or tape
  • wire cutter ...

Step 2: Make the Box

I chose to design the box using a laser cutter in order to obtain a good look. To use this kind of tool, you need a vectorial drawing of the box. My file is available in the picture. Each machine has its own colour code. And the size of the different holes in the box depend on the chosen electronic parts so feel free to rectify the file.

After the cutting, you need to glue all the box sides except the top to access inside.

Step 3: Connect the Electronics

The electronic connections are straightforward: pull down button --> arduino mini --> player MP3 --> mono ampli --> speaker. The picture here details the connections. I chose to put connectors between the different parts in order to be able to take the box apart.

After soldering everything, you still have to mount the connectors on the box and to fix the speaker with tape or hot glue. Keep in mind that you have to access inside to program the arduino and put the SD card.

Step 4: Program and Choose Some Sounds

I propose a simple code in the txt file. When you turn on the arduino, it checks the number of available sounds in the SD. After the initialization, the loop waits for a button push, pick a random number and play the sound corresponding to the number. Compared to the grove mp3 player example, I added new commands that I needed. Don't be surprised, some numbers are more recurrent than others with the arduino random function.

Now, fill the SD card with all the sounds you want. It’s funnier if you select short sounds. Upload the program inside the arduino. Connect the usb alimentation and push the button! and again! ...

Step 5: Add Details and Have Fun :)

To finish, add some details, stickers or whatever you think and like. I added a button to the potentiometer and some marks for the sound volume.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this instructable and that you will create your own MoodBox. Sorry if the english was not clear but I’m not a native english speaker.

You can follow more DIY projects on this french blog.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is really cool. Thanks for sharing! Some of those laughs are kind of scary!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks :) Indeed there is some bad guy laughs!