The Morton Bath Salt Girl

This costume is being worn by me. The idea came from the bath salts scare we had earlier this year and the guy who was all over the news for eating other peoples flesh (supposedly after ingesting bath salts)! I took the idea of the Morton Salt girl and incorporated my own zombie flare. I think it turned out great because it turned out exactly how I wanted it! I bought two long shirts at a local thrift shop to wear as a dress and bought some white childrens size white tights (because I couldn't find any adult size leggings) and cut off the feet to wear as white leggings. It worked out just fine. I made the belt, shoes, and umbrella out of yellow and grey duct tape to give the costume a rainproof effect (On the container it is raining salt on her) and of course, I painted myself as a zombie, keeping in mind that I wanted the makeup to still be cute as the morton salt girl is young. On the container, I just cut out the word salt and moved it over so that I'd have room on the container for two words and glued it then I filled the empty spot where the word was ripped out with scrap blue paper and finally painted on the word "bath" and the "s" at the end with white nail polish. I also poked a hole in each end to string it up to wear around my neck. By the end of the night, I'm glad I did or I would have had to carry it around all night! What do you think?! I hope I win because I could use a break! Have a great day!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome! I have to say you're the first Morton Girl I've ever seen. Like the zombie twist. :D