The Most Amazing Waffles

Introduction: The Most Amazing Waffles

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Need a little love in your life? You will fall in love with these amazing waffles. This is a super easy recipe all you need is a bit of time and friend or loved one to share them with. Also these are really good left overs so I always double my batch! Also don't get distracted else your most amazing waffles will burn and you will be sad, as will your friend or loved one!

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need!

- Mixing Bowl
- Small glass bowl
-4 cup
-Measuring cups
-Measuring Spoons
-Water Bottle
-Waffle Iron
-Oven Safe dish
- Cooking spray

Please note not all the stuff listed is not in the picture as my counter is not that big.

Step 2: Ingredients You Will Need for the Awesome!


-Flour (1 1/3 Cups)
-Baking Powder (4 tsp)
-Sugar (2 tsp)
-eggs (2 Separated)
-milk ( 1 1/2 Cups)
-Butter or Margerine (1/2 Cup)

This is for a single recipe, which is about 6 waffles. The pictures are me making a double batch cause I love waffles that much!

Add all the dry ingredients to the biggest mixing bowl you have.

Step 3: Separate the Eggs! Then Beat!

In case you don't know how to separate eggs I took a lot of pictures of the process. This is where the empty plastic water bottle comes into play in case you have been wondering about that.

1. Crack egg into the four cup
2. Scrunch up the water bottle, place the open mouth of the water bottle over the yoke
3. Release the scrunch and the yoke should get sucked up
4. place yoke in separate bowl.
5. If you have done it right all you will have is egg white left.
6. Throw out yokes... you don't need them.

If you have a fancy egg separater tool, use that! But this is a fast tidy way to do it!

Then beat the egg whites till stiff. Put aside for later.

Step 4: Its Milk 'n Butter Time!

Its time to add the wet stuff to the dry stuff!

1. Melt butter/margarine in a small bowl
2. Dump into dry ingredients
3.Measure out the milk and add it

At this point it will look nasty

Step 5: Its a Dance Mix Now!

Mix it up a bit!

Also its really hard to take a picture and mix at the same time!

Step 6: Fold in Eggs!

Almost done!

Fold in the eggs, do not mix just fold.

Use a spatula to scoop batter over top of eggs repeat until smooth. This will make your waffles fluffy!

Luckily my room-mate came to the camera rescue and I was able to use both hands to fold my eggs.

Step 7: Get Ready to Cook! COOKING

Spray your waffle maker with cooking spray every other waffle else they stick to the top.

Let the batter spread to the edge before you close your waffle maker. Different waffle makers will take more or less batter. Do not overfill as its hard to clean up and messy to boot. Wait till your batter spreads out nicely. Then close it. Wait ....Wait.....Wait ...till you can smell it and then lift the top and a magic waffle will appear.

Step 8: Add a Little Love and Enjoy!

Use a knife to get the waffle out and keep it warm in your oven.

Add your favorite toppings and enjoy.

I made a strawberry heart for valentines day!

Step 9: Clean All the Things!


 I am a messy cook!

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    6 years ago

    Delicious! Not nearly as difficult as I thought it would be :)

    i have often wanted to try waffles!!!
    is there anything i can use as a substitute for a waffle iron?

    Mmm, they look really good! I haven't tired making waffles from scratch yet. Maybe I'll give that a try this weekend :)


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You totally should! They are most amazing!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    They are entertainment for when you are waiting for a waffle to cook.