The Most Basic Paperman




This is a really-basic paperman that goes arround me from the last 25 years.

I did it lots of changes, now it is a lot more complex, it can hold banners with messages (I always had one telling something, sitting on my computer's screen at work) and looks a lot more human, but this is the basics you can start with.

Just 13 cuts on the paper, and 10 creases, and it stand of its own or sits as a person.

It becames better with smooth shoulders (cut them quarter a square in diagonal) and with the head slightly tilted, but it means two more cuts and one more bend and now I'm talking about minimuns. May be other day.

I hope it makes you smile! Thanks for your time!



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    Tip 7 months ago

    I have found this, fits nicely with the whole

    I love it a lot , if someone still finds block paper figures, let us know here please

    12.jpgt2.gift2 (1).gif002.jpg

    1 year ago

    I made it! it looks like I just took it out the computer! thanks infob!

    I like it, and as a stop-motion maker myself, I can see it does have loads of potential. :D

    However, I believe it may be better suited in the "Paper" category, under "Living". :)

    2 replies

    I will try to change it, if I know how.

    And feel free to use it, if you want. What is more, I will post a complete-to-date evolution of the dummy if you want to.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Great project,
    just thought I'd let you know, I downloaded a graph paper template, filled in the
    squares with mspaint cut him out and taped him to my monitor at work.
    This was about a week ago. I've had him stolen three time's now!
    I guess my co-worker's think this is a great project also!

    4 replies

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    The heighf of the dummy in the pictures is 32mm tall, 36mm long including feet.
    It works fine in plain paper up to double this size. From 10cm and up it should be cut in cardboard to stands up properly.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I used 1/2 innch squares on grey heavy bond inkjet paper. last week left out 3
    printed templates. they Are gone but robbie is still there.