The Most Macho Gift Box Ever

Introduction: The Most Macho Gift Box Ever

About: I'm just lookin' fer som coolio projects to do in my free time and seemed like the place to go!!! I'm hoping to make som good instructables of my own so wish me luck and happy instrucing!

Hello there! A lot of us have gotten a gift for a special man in our lives. Then, a lot of us have been stuck in figuring out how to wrap it. I am here to give an easy solution for that specific problem. Introducing: THE MOST MACHO GIFT BOX EVER (MMGBE) ! Here, I will show you how to make you own MMGBE for approx. $0.00. And everybody loves things that are free! Now, onwards; to the first step!

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Step 1: Get a Gift

Now, you probably know what the man likes if you're going to get a gift for him. BUT, if you've got one of those picky men that'll like some things and not others, well, good luck! Although, most males I know would like a handmade (or bought; it really doesn't matter) paracord bracelet; here's the link: Now on to the next step!

Step 2: Time to Gather Your Materials

          Before we wrap whatever gift you've gotten, note that if it doesn't already have a box, you need to get/make one. In my case, I made one using the AWESOME instructable linked here: If you already have a box, you're good! 
          Now, on to the materials. You are going to need:
Whatever Masculine Paper You've Picked Out (I picked the hardware advertisements in my local paper)
Hot Glue Gun with Glue Sticks
Sticks (made of wood and, yes, you might have to go…outside!)

Step 3: Assembly Time!

Finally, it's time to put your MMGBE together! Take the masculine paper and wrap the box just like you'd wrap any other gift, using the tape to seal it. Then hot glue the stick in any pattern you'd like (I glued mine as if the sticks took the place of the ribbon). Make sure to use EXTRA caution when using the hot glue gun for it will be REALLY HOT; hot enough to leave you with a red, stinging burn for a good 20 minutes! After that you're basically done! Yeperdoodles, it was that easy! Thanks for viewing, leave comments please (maybe show what yours looks like), and vote for me, please, in the "Wrap Star!" challenge! Thanks again and have a nice day!

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    I've wrapped man-gifts in the hardware ads before, but never thought of using sticks for the ribbon. Usually I use duct tape or yellow CAUTION tape but I think now I'll try some stickerbush branches.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    It would be the manliest gift box ever if you set it on fiyah and hand it over to him with your bare hands.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Hahahaha, if only I had fire proof gloves! Thanks for commenting!