The Multi Reticle Knex Sight

Introduction: The Multi Reticle Knex Sight

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You may already have questions like "how can this help?" And "what is the point of this?"....I will answer these after I explain the sight and its functions!

The multi-sight as I will call it has two slots for any front sight that you can fit and one rear sight that can be exchangeable plus a set of close range "quick" sights on the top of the frame. The two front sight options can be flipped up and down at you leisure.

Why would I need two different front sights you may ask?

1.) they can be adjusted for range separately
I.e. Sight 1 set for 25 ft and sight 2 set for 50 ft

2.) it allows adaptability! Adaptability is important as it allows you to adapt to the rapidly changing battlefield

3.) it's cool!

4.) if it looks cool it is worth it!

Step 1: Mounting

I have mine mounted on my modded zkar and have the first sight set to about 20-30ft and the second one set to about 35-40ft (the maximum accurate range of this specific gun)

I will make instructions but you will have to adapt it to mount to your specific gun

Step 2: Build It: Mounting Bracket

Make this and add whatever rear sight you prefer to it!

Step 3: Build It: Outer Frame

Step 4: Build It: Innards

Make any kind of front sight you like. I have included these as examples.

Step 5: Build It: Finishing

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    4 years ago

    Great sight! Is there any chance you could post more pics of it on guns? Also could you post a pic or two of you aiming down it so people get an idea of what it looks like? :D


    Reply 4 years ago

    oh dw for some reason the pic's didn't show up now they are xD