The NK SAAR MACAW-Assault Rifle Made From Theawesomestdude's Handgun

About: Hello! I'm Nerfrocketeer, also known as Nefrock', Nerf, or NK. I am an avid fan of Nerf wars, engineering, and animal activism (but no I don't go overboard). Thank you for A MILLION views (woah!) and making ...

Pictures: 1; the gun, 2; through the scope, 3; priming bolt-not primed, 4; priming bolt-primed, 5; fake mag, 6; barrel extension, 7; holding the gun.------------------------------------------This gun originated as Theawesomestdude's handgun, but now, after a few additions and mods, it is now the NK AMG MACAW assault rifle! Thanks Mr. 'dude! :)




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    Reply 4 years ago

    No, this was my first large K'nex creation, so it's bad and doesn't shoot anything. My apologies.