The NK Pongescalator Lift

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The NK Pongescalator Lift was the key mechanism in my NK Sideliner project. It follows a simple escalator design, with a Mini-K'nex chain pushing up lightweight ping-pong balls to the top. It lifts about one foot, and can use any kind of motor. Only two chain gears are necessary, and they are the only "unusual pieces" in this lift. The entrance track holds the ping-pong ball in place until it is lifted up, and can be attached to any other element. This lift is piece-efficient, sturdy, and fast, and very easy to build, (especially with the above pictures). Anyone who wishes to build this lift and cannot do so with just the pictures I have provided is welcome to ask me (Nerfrocketeer) any questions they have while building. Thank you for looking at the NK Pongescalator lift and please take the opportunity to use it in your next ping-pong ball machine!



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    A storm of plastic reigns down upon the castle walls. Infants cries are audible, and families run around in terror from the chaos. 'Oh no!' the paper people scream, creating an overall cacophony of noise that pierces the normal silence of the night.

    Meanwhile, the King of Paperon, the castle of paper, sits on his thrown, looking slightly perturbed, trying not to panic. "Dear God," he whispers, barely audible even to himself over the screams. "Nerf is here. And he's brought the trebuchets," he finishes, staring at the ground defeatedly. He knows what he must do. A man in full paper military dress steps out from the shadows behind the throne.

    "Sire, must we?"

    "Yes, we must."

    The knight bows and shuffles away. He tries to assemble the army but fails; the paper people are too terrified, and it's too late: the sheer onslaught is demolishing their weak paper structures at much too quick of a rate. The King's head Knight runs back inside the castle, right as the castle walls crumble. He reports back to the King, telling him of the bad news. Somewhere off the distance, a giant laughs at the chaos he is creating.

    The King rumbles: "Curse you, NERFROCKETEER!!!"

    And no one survived.

    The End.

    *The Moral of the story is: All Kingdoms must come to an end, and the end only comes faster with Trebuchets.*

    (From the nonexistent book: Dark Owl's Fables.)

    Wow, epic story! Do you ever write horror stories by chance? 'Cause I do. It'd be cool to collab on a story! I even have an yet unpublished book: "Thirteen Thrills and Thirteen Chills: 26 Scary Strories and Poems."

    Or do you like to write rhyming poetry? I'd like to share some ideas with you! :)

    Holy moly that's epic! That reminds me of some stories from my favorite horror writer: H.P. Lovecraft! (My favorite all time author is J.R.R. Tolkien). I always strive to use H.P.L.'s techniques in my writing, and it seems that you (consciously or not) do the same! You seem like a perfect writing partner! I can't wait to get started on this! I'll send you a PM later and we can think about what we are going to do!

    Nerf Darts fall and barriers break
    The kingdom rues its last mistake
    As soldiers fall and horses die
    The guilty king begins to cry
    As Death descends upon his land
    He knows the gruesome task at hand
    Will force his land down to its knees
    And Nerf will ignore its plaintive please

    For death and pain have long been wrought
    In the depths of General Nerfrock's thought
    And no one can escape the wrath
    That roams in the Third Army's path.



    A little depressing sample of my handiwork! I look forward to writing a book with you as well! This should be great! I'm gonna have to leave two comments, because I started this one before I noticed your link...


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    0.o maybe...
    Yeah I have my own version. Still actively fighting it to work correctly. Just trying to make it a vertical for size constraint reasons. :/