The Newspaper Christmas Tree

Introduction: The Newspaper Christmas Tree

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I really wanted a Christmas tree. We had just moved from Oregon and left our boxed one in storage and I really did not want a fresh live one with all the complications. What to do?

Then a dream of a paper tree came to me. The resulting tree did not look like the dream but it was even nicer in a way. This one was made out of a  Canadian local news franchise called SNAPD in Ontario.

Yours will look different of course but this instructable is just to get you started and maybe start a whole new family tradition!

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Step 1: The Structure Inside

I placed the 2 by 4 plank into the tree stand. Then I used meat trays to make the gradated levels. They did not need to be taped for teh hole was cut small enough that they stayed in place. You could glue in place if you need to. 

Step 2: The Paper Branches

The SNAP local newspaper is quite colorful. You could use magazines too it you want to. The medium sized paper was just right to make the lengths we needed. Open the paper and cut along the long way so your strip has a crease in it. Create right angles by weaving two lengths together. ( see picture )  

Step 3: Attaching the Branches

Now is the fun part. I used masking tape to attach the paper branches to the meat tray level. Start from the bottom and go up. You may need to lengthen or shorten the levels and the length of the branches to suit.  I rolled up an old poster and added it to the top. I added dried branches from what I call the "Money Tree". It is a weed that is quite common. 

Step 4: Decorate!

Handmade christmas ornaments and red ribbon were added. The crocheted snowflakes and paper bead snowflake seemed to suit. The red bows added accent. The hand cut wood pieces with dove shapes all referred back to a gentle and peaceful statement. 

Step 5: Light It UP!

Then the last step was to put it in the corner and add the lights, tinsel and star. My family was impressed and since it was made from scratch and with pure thoughts and love, they could really feel that emanating out into the room. I added white paper that wrapped around the exposed plank between the levels at the end, but you could do that when you are making the levels. I added cotton fluff to the plate levels to hide the tape. 

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