The Nightmare Before Christmas Lock, Shock and Barrel Masks





Introduction: The Nightmare Before Christmas Lock, Shock and Barrel Masks

About: I am a bay area makeup artist, i love makeup, masks and props! Come learn how to create them with me! Follow more of my work on instagram, youtube and twitter @samjamfx

Materials needed for this project: Plastilina Non drying Clay, Rigid Wrap, Basic Paints

Step 1: Sculpting the Mask

Your going to need a Non drying Clay (plastilina ) and Either a face Cast or a flat surface to sculpt on. Gather your Supply's and sculpt the shape of each mask according to a reference photo.

Here is a video for reference to the sculpting

Step 2: Rigid Wrap the Sculpt.

After you have Completed the sculpt you now will use rigid wrap for the base of the masks! Using warm water and the plaster strips you will slowly Add the strips to the top of the sculpt in thin strips to completely cover the mask except the eyes.

See video of that process here. Starts at 3:20 in

Step 3: Paint and Wear!

Congrats on your mask, Now you just need to paint! User a reference photo and have fun!

Also seen here in this video



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    hi thes is max

    Those look awesome! I love that movie and these look perfect :)

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    Thank you so much!! I am adding the Mayor from Halloween town next!!!