The No Shame Sandwich, or the Triple Fried Egg, Chutney, and Chili Sauce Sandwich




   The No Shame Sandwich is a uniquely designed sandwich, meant for explosive, exotic flavor, while maintaining a small budget, and manages to not make you vomit. Everything about this sandwich is wrong. Just completely wrong, and should not be together, yet it is a perfect combination. I leaned the recipe years ago from a book on biological warfare. There is a tip I'm going to give you on eating it, if you do not toast the bread, the bread will dissolve. I'm not joking about that either. 


Step 1: Ingredient List

   First, before I name the item list, I'm going to tell you how to "triple fry" an egg. To fry an egg you simply want to cook it "sunny side up", to twice fry it break the inside yolk and fry that. But for triple fried eggs just cook both the yolk and white at the same time. Three minutes on a stove top turned on high did the trick in my case. 

The Ingredient list is simple and inexpensive.

*Ham(I used the cheap stuff, because it's not a necessity in the sandwich.)
*Cheese(I used "Baby Swiss", I wanted high grade cheese.)
*Chutney, Mango
*Chili Sauce

Step 2: Toast Bread and Cook Egg(with Cheese)

Toast your bread lightly, and triple fry your egg, as described above; I also went ahead and melted the cheese onto the egg. 

Step 3: Add Chutney

Add a light amount of chutney to the other slice of bread, the chutney is extremely strong, and sweet, so a little goes a long way.   

Step 4: Ham

Ham. Add the ham to your build, I lightly cooked mine on a stove top in the same pan I had made my egg, to make it warmed. 

Step 5: Chili Sauce

After warming the chili sauce in your microwave, it can now be put onto the sandwich for consumption. 

Step 6: Cut the Cheese(and Sandwich)

Make your sandwich look fancy and delicious. Enjoy! 



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    Reply 7 months ago

    Not exactly. Lister's sandwich was a triple sandwich (three pieces of bread) and no ham.


    3 years ago

    I'm thinking Monte Cristo style would be the perfect finish for this sandwich!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    True, nice idea! (He says ashamed he hadn't thought of it, yet completely shocked and flattered that Scoochmaroo wants to make his sandwich...)