The NoneCrashing Car

Introduction: The NoneCrashing Car

The idea of this car is for it to as the title says never to crash. This project takes over the RC car with the arduino. With just the cables and the tools which came with the arduino box.

Im lacking some pictures and some all the code duo to lack of the material. Something that will be showed later on so be patient.

Step 1: Removing the Rc Control

First take off all the chassi and start looking for what wires goes to the accelerator and what goes to the reverse accelerator. Remove these wires. Remove the antenna which control the car.

The wires from the battery is used for running the car with the arduino.

Step 2: Lets Get Started

Set up some wires from the arduino with a H-bridge. "Lack Of Pictures", "Lack Of Code"

Taking wires from the H-bridge to the accelerator and the reverse accelerator. Our car only had full speed and full reverse speed. Something that should not be a problem if the car have different speeds. Just swap it out in the code. From 255 to something between 0-255.

Step 3: The Sensor

Using the sensor with the code. "Lack Of Code", "Lack of pictures"

The sensor value can be changed to a desired value. I took 2 m becouse i was going to drive it in a large room. The car will go back when it is in a specific range from the obstacle. And will go forward as it is long enough away from it.

And that would be about it!

Good luck

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    6 years ago

    wouldn't you also want it to male a 60-90 degree turn when it backs up?