The Nothing-but-Duct-tape Laptop Bag !

Introduction: The Nothing-but-Duct-tape Laptop Bag !

Alright, a month ago I got a new laptop , and so of course my old laptop sleeve didn't fit into this new laptop. This should just be a simple fix right, go to the store and buy a new one, well no its not, every store around my house had a laptop sleeve that was at least 20 bucks! Well I thought what the heck, I'll make one myself. And a roll of duct tape later I had my laptop sleeve , and so here's how you can make your own!

Now this blue laptop sleeve is my original one with some special blue duct-tape I had and I added a masking tape logo onto it, but I'm going to have to make another because obviously I didn't take pictures the first time, so follow along. :)

Step 1: Materials

I honestly can't say much is needed as far as materials , because well this is the nothing but duct tape instructable. But it is good to have some scissors to help cut your duct-tape and having a laptop to actually base your sizes off of helps too. You may also want to have some white masking tape if you want to put on a apple logo like mine, but I'll talk more about customization in the final step.  One other tip I can say is be careful when you lay down the tape because it is very sticky and the smoother your tape the better your case will look. 

Step 2: Laying Out the Sticky Sheet

First thing you want to do is lay out a sheet of duct-tape that is about 4 in. longer than double the width of your laptop with the sticky side up, but remember it is much easier to cut off than to add on. As you can see in my picture I accidentally made my initial sheet almost  3 times the width of my laptop , but I'll fix that later.

Step 3: The Cross Sheets

After you've completed your big main sheet, you are going to add 2 more sheets that are going to be running width-ways  and are going to be the same length as the width of your laptop. The sheets will have a small 2 in. gap between the two and stick out on each side about an inch , and finnaly one will be sticky side down and one will be sticky side up. Did you get all that ? , well look at the picture for a better reference.

Step 4: Re-Layer

Now that you are done with that it is time to get rid of most of the sticky parts ! First you will want to take any excess on one side, and fold it over so that it will be apart of the main sheet. After you've done that take more tape and layer over the main sheet so that you remove the sticky parts, but remember not to cover the sticky parts sticking out of the main sheet, because those will join together and hold up the sleeve. Check the picture for better illustration. 

Step 5: Folding

Now you should have a rectangle with small ends sticking out on each side, and now we are going to  fold this so that it makes the bag. Take the rectangle and fold it like a hot-dog, and then take the ends that are sticking out and fold them on each other so it makes it into the bag, and afterwards you may want to add some extra tape for support, on the edges, or do like I did and wrap all the way around the bag horizontally down the sides, but its your bag so make it how you like.

Step 6: Done and Customization

Well now you should have your bag and be done ! You may notice though that mine includes a masking tape apple logo (Despite not having a Mac-book )

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    2 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Yeah, Apple logo, Dell laptop. People might think you have a Macbook.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I love the idea, it reminds me of a giant duct tape wallet! One suggestion lose the apple logo, get ubuntu.