The Nutty Pen

i made a pen out of hex nuts and epoxy and i talk you through it step by step in the video, thanks for watching, i appreciate any kinds of feedback :)

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    Get a pen kit, then obtain hex-nuts where the inside diameter will slide over each barrel/tube. Once the glue/epoxy has set, sand the nuts down to remove excess glue/epoxy. In this case each barrel took 8 hex-nuts each, plus one hex-nut to be used as a space equals a total of 17 hex-nuts used in this particular pen kit. Now glue/epoxy the last hex-nut .to join the two barrels together.

    As an example, here is a list from Penn State Kit Bushing and Tube Sizes on average Bushing diameter size which was used to determine their Category Sizes:
    Slim = (.301 - .400) inch diameter
    Medium = (.402 - 500) inch diameter
    Large = (. 501 - .600) inch diameter
    Extra Large = (.601 - .701) inch diameter

    But each pen kit manufacturer has their own sizing method as some gives you the bit size in inch or mm to use, where others might actually give the outside diameter of the tube itself.

    So please check with your pen kit manufacturer as to the the tube's outside diameter.

    Types of Finished Hex Nuts:
    Zinc Plated
    Hot Dip Galvanized
    Yellow Zinc Plated
    Stainless Steel
    Silicone Bronze
    Alloy Cadmium Yellow with Wax Coated

    Plenty of color variations in order to make several visual stunning Nut-Pens!!!


    2 years ago

    Seeing the step-by-step here would be handy! I'm bandwidth-challenged and the videos are usually a problem. :)

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    Reply 2 years ago

    thanks for the feedback :) i never even thought about that to be honest, im still very new to Instructables and still need to figure out how to do things properly, i have taken what you said on board tho and will try and do one next time with pictures only next time.... thanks again, i appreciate it :)