The Office of the Silver Surfer





Introduction: The Office of the Silver Surfer

This is what happens when you take vacation at work.

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    I have so many pranks planned that i have no time but i could do it before the day of april fools

    are you spanish,sergioh?my name is sergio and i am spanish(soy español)

    kip kay once made a ticklebox, (if links are allowed, if not iam srry....)

    maybe make this on aaall that foil so that your victim will be shoked when her returns!

    Sorry, I rushed submitting this to Instructables. One of our co-workers took a week off of work, and we had been playing pranks on each other for months. Whenever someone had left on vacation, we would either cover their desk in tape, toilet paper, or whatever we could find. Right before this prank, instead of trashing his desk, we really cleaned up his desk. Well as a final and grand prank, we decided to take 5 days to cover his entire desk with aluminum foil. (and no we did not do this during work hours, what kind of employee would I be if I did that : ) The office stayed "as is" for a few days and everything was fully functional. Then he started going (mentally) crazy with all of the reflections and tore it all down. The foil ended up as huge foil balls.

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    Thanks for the idea. I'll have 3 months to do my co-worker's desk while she is on maternity leave. I can't wait.

    This is awesome. It must have taken many hours to complete. What did the boss/supervisor have to say? I especially like the keyboard & phone, could you type with them??