The Omicron, an Awesome Paper Plane!




Introduction: The Omicron, an Awesome Paper Plane!

The Omicron is a plane invented by me and my friend Ben (
It is a lot like this plane  but i think our version flies smoother and stalls less, it is also easier to make as there isn't the fiddly bit in the nose.

All you need is a sheet of paper and possibly scissors if you are not comfortable ripping straight

Step 1: Making the Body

start by folding the top left corner down into the right side, making a point, open it out and then fold the top right corner down and open it again to make a cross on the paper, refold the left corner and fol the tip back up upon itself (look at the picture). 
next fold the first crease to make the shape shown in the third picture, fold the right tip down and fold up the flap as before.

Step 2: Creating the Nose

the last step sould have left you with a point on your piece of paper, you can fold the top down along the line between the point and the rest of the body, then fold the right hand corner under the point as you fold the whole point down, its pretty hard to explain so look at the pictures. you should be left with a shorter piece of paper with a point at the tip

Step 3: Finishing the Nose

Fold the flap tat goes across the nose up to the front of the plane, then fold the whole nose down over to the back of the plane like in the 3rd picture

Step 4: Making the Tail

Fold the wide strip at the bottom in half to make a flap, then cut or tear along the crease to make the strip for the tail

Step 5: Folding the Tail

Next fold the strip you cut off lengthways and cut a notch about 3 cm from the end and half way down, you then fold down the flaps to make the elevators

Step 6: Finishing Off

Fold the body in half along the centre, then fold the wings down. slide the tail shaft under the flap in the centre of the plane.
A useful tip: don't make the wings parallel to the bottom of the plane, angle them up slightly, so the front of the fold is higher than the back by a few millimetres, this will make it fly better and longer

Step 7: And FInally...

Try to make all of the folds as tight, smooth and accurate as possible, if any of the folds aren't precise enough then it wont fly straight.
You can use this plane to perform tricks like flying round in circles and back into yur hand or make it do loops, if you take the tail out and slide this plane ( ) under instead it look really cool and will fly even in quite strong winds. you could also try folding the wing tips up to give more control.

Step 8: How to Fly It...

This plane is really quite easy to fly, hold it under the wings and throw it, it can be thrown softly or hard and goes a really long way,

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5 years ago on Introduction

it flies well! superb!! i like this plane much????????????

Max Brooks
Max Brooks

5 years ago

THANKS!!! modified it to put talcum powder on so it can bomb my class mates!kinda kamikazee though btw thanks again to you and your idea


I learned this back in the 80's from a Korean student. I seemed to be the only other one to know anything about the "bird." Glad to see multiple posts on the same plane! Thanks for the variation(s).

Very good for a first instructable! The picture quality was also very good too. Adding a page detailing the materials might make it even better!

Anyway, keep up the good work! :)


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

thanks very much, i hadn't thought of that, i am going to add a video at some point as well