The One Handed Hair Tie

The one handed hair tie allows for a user to put their hair up with one hand.

Step 1: 3D Printing the One Handed Hair Tie

  1. Download the STL file or download the CAD file and use OpenSCAD to modify the measurements to fit your needs.
  2. With the STL file you put it in a slicing program that generates a file the printer can read called G code.
  3. Take the G code and place it on a usb and then load the G code onto the printer.
  4. Print.

Step 2: Using OpenSCAD to Edit Your One Handed Hair Tie

  1. Have OpenSCAD installed.
  2. Through OpenSCAD open The CAD file you downloaded.
  3. Use the instructions written in the CAD file to modify the device to your liking.

Step 3: Using Your Printed One Handed Hair Tie

  1. Have a hair ties. (Two hair ties are optional)
  2. (Optional) One of these hair ties you will use to loop through the hole and use to hold the one handed hair tie around your wrist.
  3. You then twist the second hair tie around the indentations.
  4. Next you put the one handed hair tie around your wrist.
  5. Gather your hair into a bun by twisting it.
  6. Slide the device through your bun to hold it in place.
  7. Slide the hair tie from the indentations onto your bun.
  8. Adjust to your liking.



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