The One-Minute Screwdriver


Introduction: The One-Minute Screwdriver

Have you ever done a diy project, and forgot that very special tool, or lost the screwdriver, flat or Phillips head? Then this is the project for you! It only takes 1 minute of your time (or less!) and makes a useful backup screwdriver if you ever need one.

Step 1: The Parts

What you will need (left to right):

  • An eraser cap
  • A syringe cap (If you don't have access to one, then you can use anything similar to one, that is made from a soft, flexible plastic, and that you can dispose of...)
  • Some screwdriver heads

Step 2: The Assembly

To start, make a small hole by pushing the pointed head of the SMALL screwdriver head into the top of the syringe cap, or what ever you are using. Then use a larger screwdriver head to enlarge the hole big enough so you can fit the back of the head snugly, but not too big so it will slip. Now put the screwdriver head into the hole...

Step 3: The Assembly: Part 2

So You've got your screwdriver part done, now what you need to do is to prevent the screwdriver from falling out from behind, Solution: Put in the eraser cap into the syringe cap. and make sure it fits snuggly.

Step 4: Finished!

Congratulations! You've just made... A screwdriver! In under 1 minute!



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    Okay... apparently, it's not like gmail where the post button automatically uploads the files. Bad user interface. Maybe it's time to hire some industrial designers.


    I had 5 min so I fixed your pictures. Even with a webcam, you can at least shine a lamp on it... bedside reading, swing-arm, flashlight... etc. Better yet, put the items near a window... Note: The first and last image from the OP is the same.

    Thanks! And yeah, I was taking pictures with my webcam, so they aren't really good pics. :P

    It's a nice instructable, but I'm scratching my head to find scenarios where I don't have a screwdriver, but do have a bunch of screwdriver bits. ;)