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Introduction: The One Ring

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Are you fascinated by the J.R.R Tolkien Lord of the Rings story? You have read a book, watched a movie? You're fan, right? I as well. Anyway, I recently re-watched the film, which gave me the idea to try to make a ring like the one from the movie.

This instructable is my entry for the rings challenge. If you like it please vote for it.

Overall steps : cutting the required pieces, forging, hammering, drilling, rough grinding, sanding, polishing, writing text, electrolysis of the ring, polishing.


You are responsible for yourself and your actions.

- Exposure to One Ring can lead to dependence to the ring, prolonged life, psychotic behavior, envy, attract evil forces, Dark Lords, etc. -

I made my ring of brass door handle, using the usual tools. Brass is a good material, a tough, corrosion resistant, reminiscent to gold.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials and tools needed:

1 x brass door handle





Furnace /or propane torch

Drill and drill bits for metal ( 14 – 16 mm best)

Straight grinder stone (18 – 20 mm)

File (small, round one, for metal)

Sandpaper – P 80, P 220, P 1000

Cloths – for cleaning ring / polishing

Polishing paste


Marker – water resistant

Wall adapter (6-12v) /or cell phone charger /or 9 volt battery

Anti-rust (liquid) /or Hydrochloric acid



Small plastic container

And, it is always useful to have a protective gloves.

so let start...

Step 2: Cutting


This is the door handle of which I will make a ring. The door handle has a square recess along one axis.

I have put the door handle into the clamp, mark it, and the cut it with hacksaw, brass is low friction material, so it takes a little more effort to cut it.

First I cut the thinner part of the handle, that part I have saved, because I would need later.

Then I cut a part from whom I'm going to make a ring. It is necessary to cut a part which will be two to three times greater in thickness than the thickness of the ring (My was 20 mm).

Material for the ring has a thickness of about 15 mm. Since the thickness of the handle is smaller than required for making the ring, it has been necessary to modify material a bit...

Heating and forging (my little version of the Mount Doom)

As the material for the ring was too narrow for ring, I had to modify it. For this you will need a hammer, pliers, and a source of heat.

It is necessary to heat the material until it changes color to purple-red, then hammer it until it reaches the required size. It is always good to be a little larger than planned, because it can easily be brought to the right size.

The procedure should be repeated several times, piece should not be hammered too strong, and it is necessary to turn the material while punching it to be evenly formed.

I am heated my ring in the furnace, which I use for heating my home. In it, I have successfully melted aluminum – about 600°C... ouch!

If you do not have furnace, You can do heating with the propane torch.

Step 3: Drilling and Forming

Drilling and forming

The next step is to drill the appropriate hole. Hole should be approximately 2 - 3 mm narrower than the final size of the ring.

This is the most troublesome step, due to the lack of adequate tools, I had to drill with small drill bits, and then used the “straight grinder stone”, for forming the hole of the ring.

Again, put ring into the clamp, and slowly start to drill...

I have drilled with drill bit size of 12 mm, and straight grinder stone was about 20 mm on its widest side.

Again during processing, you must rotate the ring (to be equal formed).

Grinder stone proved very useful, as I have formed sides of the ring hole with it very nicely. It also smoothed the inside of the ring.

Then I have start to work on the outer side of the ring. Main tool for this job was file...

Again, and again during processing, you must rotate the ring, and again...

When ring can almost fit your finger, then it is time for sanding...


What can I say, the most boring step, took the sandpaper in hands and start sanding, first use rougher sandpaper, and then finer... sanding, tuning, sanding...

I used sandpapers - P 80, P 220, P 1000, last one gives very fine finish ( and consumes huge amount of time too).


For this step, I have made some custom tools, from some old rag, just wrap it around a nail, and attach to the drill.

I was short of proper polishing paste so I used toothpaste instead, it worked surprisingly well.

Very gently, and carefully polish the ring with tool attached to drill, or you could do it with hands, however it would last much longer that way.

Simply you have to polish the ring until it start to look as a golden mirror ( with good reflection ).

Well now you should get fairly fine-looking ring. If you’re satisfied with it you can leave as it is.

Step 4: Magic

Writing on the ring and electrolysis (it is time for magic)

The next step is to write the text on the ring. Google the One Ring Inscriptions, and start to write elvish letters with water resistant marker on the ring.

I had written text on the outer side only. prepare the magic potion (solution for electrolysis )

Pour liquid anti-rust (or acid) in a plastic container, add equal amount of water, and put a small piece of brass in solution ( the part which is saved earlier). And leave it for a few hours. (I had left mine overnight.)

Next, use a power source - wall adapter (6-12v) or cell phone charger or 9 volt battery, took and attach a nail to the NEGATIVE lead!! ...and ring to the POSITIVE lead!!! This is crucial, don't mess here!

WARNING – newer ever mess with current from the socket, any voltage above 12v should not be used!!

Dip ring and the nail into solution (ring and nail shouldn’t touch), and connect to the power source. When tiny bubbles start to coming out – sign that the electrolysis has begun...

Wait about 5-6 second, then rotate ring for 1/3, then wait another 5-6 sec, and repeat a few times. When ring start to change color, remove it from solution and disconnect it from power source.

(...and the nail now have a layer of cooper/zinc on itself)

Rinse it with water, and wipe it with some old cloth. It is almost finished...

Step 5: ​Finishing Touch

Finishing touch

As you can see ring is not shiny anymore. It have to be polished again.

Just repeat the polishing step. It will also remove marker from the ring.

The ring is now shiny again and finally completed!

And it is done! Writings on the ring are barely visible, yet if anyone have a better look on it, will see the text. (not as cool as heated on fire to see text, but close enough...)

Thanks for reading!

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    3 years ago

    The one ring, Forged in the fires of this man's smithy!


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    5 years ago

    that's great...what if we don't do the electrolysis part??


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Electrolysis (etching) actually "eat" a thin layer of metal on the ring, except at the place where the text was written, so it makes text permanent.

    If this step is not done the text written on the ring will last until the pen ink (or whatever) fade off.

    You can simply skip etching, if you want a ring without any text.