The Original Grill Crib

My name is Renee' Johnson from a small town in Southeast Missouri. My Grill Crib story began after many years of battling with those ugly old vinyl BBQ grill covers that crack, leak, blow away and trap moisure.... not to mention that they are ugly :)
I sat down one weekend and began making a sketch of a BBQ grill cover that could be useful and beautiful at the same time. My husband went along with my idea and supported me to get a prototype built, neither of us realizing the full impact of the benefits until we were able to actually use it (1 1/2 years later). Now, hub loves to grill even more... with all of his tools handy on accessory holders which hang on the Crib, as well as another benefit realized was that the wind gusts were no longer an issue. The Crib has prevented any rust or mildew on our grill and no doubt that after 3 years of Summers and Winters, the Crib has extendede the life of our grill as well. It forms a cozy "nook" while grilling, which adds to his grilling experience.
Thank you for taking the time to look at my video. This could kick start my dream... to mass produce The Original Grill Crib.
Renee' Johnson

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Clicked on your video and it says "this video does not exist". Would love to see what you have accomplished. Thanks and God bless


    6 years ago on Introduction

    No video. :( 460 people wanted to see this. Can you post a few photos for us?