The Pallet Cinema


Introduction: The Pallet Cinema

The garden at Work Saigon, a co-working space in Vietnam, gets transformed every Saturday night into an outdoor cinema. Pallets were used to create the custom and handmade furniture - the showcase piece being an adjustable lounger chair.

The Adjustable Pallet Chair

3 pallet pieces make up the adjustable pallet lounger, which are hinged together with bolts. The rope and the notches on the back of the chair let you adjust the angle. For more info, check out Home Tree Atlas.

Step 1:

Step 2:



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    7 Discussions

    Hello All. I see that there is no actual instructions to make one of these... So I will make one (But from new timber.. Not a pallet..) Then post an instruct-a-bubble linking to this. (Exquse the spellling mistooks...ha ha.!) Love & Kisses

    What a wonderful idea... (That includes the outdoor cinema.) Great chairs and great way of using them. Love it. 10 out of 10..!

    Yup, sorry about. I don't have any pictures of the build. If you have any questions on the build, ask me here..

    This looks like a good idea. Can someone post an instructable on how to make these?

    no kidding. I can only guess to what and how to bolt together. guess I better look on intructables for a pallet chair