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This coffee table is made from a pallet. I was inspired to design and make this table after seeing a similar style online. I thought it would be cool to make the table look like it has been thrown together and not really thought about the structure. I didnt really think about the size and measurements, I just began screwing the wood together until I knew the table was right! 

To make this table you need the following: 
- a pallet or any type of wood really (but I used a pallet) 
- saw
- drill 
- screws 
- glue
- something for the top (doesn't need to be glass) 

You need to begin by cutting the legs for the table, these need to be the same length so that the table is level. 
You then need to cut more strips of the wood to random lengths 
You then need to assemble the table by placing the wood across to join the legs together, this can be done however you want, the more random the better! 

(if you use a pallet it would be a good idea to sand the wood as it is quite rough!) 

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3 years ago

I like this a lot. I'm now wondering about a bigger version as a dining table with maybe slightly fancier finishing of the wood...


7 years ago on Introduction

hey good idea .. you should be in leg to be providing the cross design i will be good look..............