The Party Pumpin Temperature Sensor 3000 W/an Extra Strobe Light

Introduction: The Party Pumpin Temperature Sensor 3000 W/an Extra Strobe Light

Hello this is our first inscrutable and any errors we have please tell us. But we will be creating a circuit that when the temperature gets over a certain degrees a light will start blinking. We were going to use a buzzer but we didn't have enough supplies in the class room. Some challenges we have come along are that the coding is really difficult and there are 7 steps.

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Step 1: First Get Materials.

You will need

  • 6 wires
  • 1 330 ohm resistor
  • 1 LED
  • 1 Arduino temperature sensor

Step 2: Put Some Wires In

The next step is set up the wires from the SIK guide project number 7. Key things JUST THE WIRES. Nothing else, just the wires.

Step 3: Temperature Sensor

Then set up the temperature sensor in I-5, I-6, and I-7. Yes the placement is different but it will still work.

Step 4: Resistor

After that put the 330 ohm resistor in a negative and G-5.

Step 5: New Wire

Put a wire in G-6 and pin 10.

Step 6: The LED

Put the anode (long wire) of the LED and in F-6 and the cathode (short end) in F-5. Finally use this link________ to use the code. We have a few problem in the code and they are that we didn't have enough initializers in the code. Once you fix the code verify it and use it.

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