The Peashooter




About: honerably discharged united states as carpenter

it actually dose not shoot peas
(tho it probably can)

what it dose do is nail in hard to get areas that a hammer cant get to

Step 1: Carpenters Joist Hanger Dilema

as a carpenter ive had the pleasure of nailing alot of joist hangers.alot of the time another framing member is in the way and its almost impossible to get at every joist hanger nail hole.
thats where the pea shooter comes in handy

Step 2: Where Can I Get One?

ive never seen one in any tool catalogs or any hardware stores
i think because its so easy to make yourself
the closest thing is a gutter punch

Step 3: Materials List

materials needed

a 12" long pipe with a inside diameter of 3/8"
a 16"steel rod with a outside diameter of 1/4"
some hocky tape

Step 4: Tools List

tools needed

metal file

Step 5: Construction Steps

cut pipe to 12"
cut rod to 16"
use file to get rid of any burs from cutting
stick rod inside pipe
use hocky tape to make a handle on pipe to hold onto
your done

Step 6: How to Use

its very easy to use
simply put nail in pipe leaving point sticking out
get nail to where it needs to be nailed in
then hit rod thats sticking out of other end of pipe with a hammer.
you can drill a hole in framing to get pea shooter to where you want

Step 7:



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    2 years ago

    I make these for my friends, but my version is like a slide hammer. It's a lot more complex operation involving a metal lathe and some basic machining and welding skills. The only commercially available one that I could find at a moment's notice is available at for about $80 US.

    2 replies

    Reply 2 years ago

    i checked out the longhammer website.the one i saw was 97 $(kinda pricey).i think my design costs about 3$.dosent hurt so bad when someone leaves it behind or breaks it.


    Reply 2 years ago

    Agreed. They are pricey. It's been about 5 years since I built the last batch for some friends in the contractor business, but I got a call this week from one of the guys I made one for and he has a new batch of guys that really like his. He wants me to make some more. Last batch was about $15 each in materials and an hour or so of labor on my part per unit. I will try to make an "instructable" on them when I do.