The Pencil Launcher!

Introduction: The Pencil Launcher!

This is the pencil launcher! You can make it quick and easy with a feel materials found around your home! It's basic structure is two pens with a rubber band of any width, but it has to be able to fit snugly around your wrist, there can be space! This was based on another sling-shot made by PolishXLion.

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Step 1: Step Number One

To make this into our creation you must first take one of the pens and slide the rubber band inside the clip.

Step 2: Step Number Two

Now take the rubber band and twist it once until there is only one cross-over. (Note: Only twist it once, but feel free to twist even more if it works for you!)

Step 3: Step Number Three

Pull the circle over the pen as shown, there there should be two loops on the clip of the pen and none on the other side.

Step 4: Step Number Four

Now it's time to attach the other pen, with one finger making sure the whole band is in place, clip the pen to the other side of the rubber band.

Step 5: Step Number Five

Like before, twist the pen (in this case the black one) upwards, make sure the rubber band wont come off!

Step 6: Step Number Six

Now you must bring the tip of the pen (the black one) through the "opening" that  I noted last step, then straighten out. You should have something like this, two loops on both clips and two strings running across.

Step 7: Finish!

Now you may enjoy this epic shooter! But remember that you must put your finger between the pens and create and arc for it to work. When you are firing pull the back string and use the front sting to rest you ammo on, please try not to hurt someone TOO bad. :D

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