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This is my latest and greatest tool, that is incredibly handy, because it's a pen sized screwdriver with interchangeable bits, torx, Phillips, and standard bits. It also holds two extra bits on the base on the pen. I know some of the parts are different colors on the same pieces, this is because I already made this, then realized that this would be cool to enter on instructables for the pocket sized contest, so I had to make another one to get some pictures of the build!

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Step 1: Get the Parts!

Okay this is a very simple build, but very handy and cost effective.


1 pack of 1/4" mono phone plug in the silver diamond grip not the cheap plastic kind. $1.50

1 Big pen about the size in the picture (use the bits next to it as a size to realate to.) $1.00

1 bolt with a hexagonal gut in the top, this is where the bits fit into...

some JB weld

some regular bits that you use in your drills I used torx, phillips, and standard.


1 vice

1 grinder

1 dremel tool, and a sanding wheel

a leather man if you don't want to use yours, or don't have one, you could just use some needle nose pliers and an exact o knife

a bowl, filled with preferably somewhat cold water, this is used to cool your parts after grinding.

a nail or what ever you want to use to mix the JB weld

a lighter this is for JB weld mistakes because if you don't already know, heating up JB weld immidiatly after the error, will soften it enough to correct it

and some paper shop towels.

Step 2: Prepare the Pen

Okay, let's get started! The first thing to do is take apart your pen, this as you already know is easy enough for a cave man to do it... Then throw away or store the grip, the actual pen ink stick, and the pens tip, as these parts are not needed.

Step 3: Prepare the Bit Holder Part 1

Okay so now this is probably the hardest part, you will have to take you grinder, and grind of the head with the hexagonal indent on it, the stick it into your vice, and grind it down with you dremel tool until its level on the side you just ground the rest of the bolt off. Then take your 1/4 mono phone plug, and unscrew the silver diamond grip tube from the rest of the plug, and your done with that for now... Now put your hexagonal bit holder into the vice in a way so that you can grind town the edges, now remember to try and keep it as circular as possible for the best fit, and just grind it down with your dremel on all sides, a little at a time, so that you don't accidentally take too much off, until it fits and slides down easilly into the silver diamond mono phone plug. Now take out the hexagonal holder, and put a bit into it, this is so that the JB weld doesn't get into the holder, and put it aside... Not take a single drop of your steel JB weld, should be a DARK grey or black, and put it on something you don't really care about as the worst of it will come off, but not completely...and take a single drop of your hardener JB weld this should be a really light grey to white paste, and drop onto the steel JB weld, and mix with your Nail until it is all one solid color (Now remember, to keep everything in equal portions, like one drop of steel, and one drop of hardener, instead of one drop of hardener, and two drops of steel). Now take your nail and quickly swab up as much of your JB weld mixture on the tip of the nail, and swab all around the inner side of your silver diamond mono plug grip at the bottom where the lip is. Now take your hexagonal holder with the bit in it, and use your nail push it to the bottom of the tube, that has the lip, this will keep the holder exactly how you want it, make sure it's level (flat) against the lip and wipe off all excess JB weld from the tube and your work area, as it will become permanent in 5-10 minuets! Now take your let this sit in the hot sun for about 5-10 minuets to harden.

Step 4: Prepare the Bit Holder Part 2

Okay now after it's hardened, put the holder in the vice, with the open it facing you, and take your dremel tool, and grind down the end facing you until there is only one strip of diamon grip left on the first of four sections of diamond grip (Make sure you keep it level, trust me this helps you out so much in the end, and makes the finished product so much more professional looking) okay now take your pliers, and grab onto the the tube, loosen the vice and dip only the part you just ground down into your bowl of cold water, for about 5-10 seconds to cool, DON'T TOUCH until cool, this will be very HOT!!!!
Now dry that off with a shop towel, if needed and put the plastic piece from the pen, where the grip slides on or 1 in the picture, and put that in the vise, with the narrow end pointing straight up at you, and grind down until you can fit it into the silver mono phone tube, narrow end first with the lip touching the open end of the tip. Now make some more of that JB weld mixture, and swab it all over the the inner sides of the silver tube, and silde your plastic tub in until the plastic lip stops it and wipe off any extra JB weld from your mixing area, and the tube. Let dry in the hot sun for about 5-10 minuets. Now if you ever have any errors with your JB weld, Just take your lighter and heat up the JB weld until it looks kinda watery, and it should be pliable again.

Step 5: You're Done!

Okay now just twist the plastic end of your tube back into the casing of then pen and put in your'e bit and have fun! The pen casing/tube will hod about 2-3 bits, so it is basically your all in one pocket screw driver! Now go and make use of this tool, and please don't forget to vote for this instructable in the pocket sized contest!

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