The Perfect Makeup Starter Kit

Introduction: The Perfect Makeup Starter Kit

Step 1: Face

If you want foundation, that is a very individual decision. Personally, I don't use foundation very much, but that is up to you. Also, for applying foundation, the best product out there in my opinion is a beauty blender or any sort of makeup sponge. My first go-to face product is bronzer. I like the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer in Light/Medium. It works great because it gives you the color that you might need to spruce-up your makeup game! Next, I go in with some blush. My fave right now is the Milani Baked Blush in the color Dolce Pink. I love this blush because it is a very flattering shade of pink and it has many little sparkles to give you a lovely blushed look.

Step 2: Eyes

For my eyes, I am a huge fan of eyeshadow palettes. My favorite eyeshadow palette at the moment is the original Urban Decay Naked Palette. It has a total of 12 colors and a two-sided brush. It is great value for money. For eyeliner, I usually just like my eyes with one of the darker shades from the Naked Palette, but if I decide on a bolder look, my go-to liquid liner is the e.l.f. Precision Liquid Eyeliner. It provides a perfect line and wing and it is great value for money! I have tried many mascaras and so far, my favorite is the Make Up For Ever Smoky Extravagant mascara. If you have short eyelashes or eyelashes that lack volume, you should try this mascara. It gives you an instant lift and has great pigmentation. In terms of eyebrows, I don't fill mine in, but what I do do is brush them with a spoolie brush. It works great and shapes your brows without any actual pigmentation.

Step 3: Lips

Okay, so I'm not very bold when it comes to lips, but I will show some bolder colors here. Here is a good mix of bold and neutral. The first color I have here is Coral Burst by Maybelline. It is a nice coral color that I use when the rest of my makeup is more muted. Next, I have a lip balm-type lip color that is from Sephora and the color is Unique Pink. I bought this lipstick in Spain, so I'm not sure if it is available in the United States, but I LOVE this shade. It has a small amount of pigment and honestly I use this shade more than any other lipstick. Next, I have a lip gloss from Trish McEvoy. This is the Beauty Booster SPF 15 Lip Gloss in the shade Brightening Pink. This is a great shade for a simple makeup look. Next, I have one of the boldest colors in my makeup collection. It is the Vivid Matte Liquid by Colorsensational lip by Maybelline in the color 30 Orange Shot. Honestly, I don't reach for this color that often, but when I do, it looks great! It also dries matte, so that is a plus! Lastly, I have another lip color from Trish McEvoy. This is the Beauty Booster Lip and Cheek Color in the shade Perfect Rose. It is a great lip color, but I usually don't use it for my cheeks since I like more sparkle-toned blushes. But as for lip color, it is GORGEOUS! I hope that was a good mix of neutrals and bolds for you guys! Here are some swatches!

Step 4: Thanks!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope this helps! If you have any feedback, please let me know in the comments! Also, please let me know if you guys would like more tutorials like this one! Also give me suggestions for more tutorials! Thanks guys!

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