The Perfect Method for Making the Bed Like a Pro




Introduction: The Perfect Method for Making the Bed Like a Pro


This method for making the
bed is effective and professional. Anyone who has a bed or works making beds can benefit from learning this method as it will produce those professional square corners with the sheets as seen in hospitals, hotels, and by the military.

Materials needed include –

· A bed

· Sheets (fitted and flat)

· Pillows

· Pillowcases

· Comforter

This method, once perfected, takes around 5-10 minutes. When first learning this process, though, it may take you longer but do not worry as you will get better at making the bed this way.

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Step 1: Make Sure Bedding Is Clean.

This may seem like an obvious step and if your bedding is not clean, this step will add between an hour to an hour and a half of time to the process. However, not enough people wash their sheets and pillowcases regularly. Experts say that sheets should be washed every one to two weeks. The reason behind this is the amount of stuff that is transferred to our sheets when we sleep. These include dead skin cells, oil, sweat, and other bodily fluids. Wash your sheets in warm water to help rid them of bacteria and micro-organisms.

Step 2: Place the Fitted Sheet on the Mattress.

To get the best result for the nicest looking bed this step will be broken down into four sub-steps.

Step 2-a: Begin by putting the bottom left corner of the sheet, this is generally the corner with the tag, on the bottom left corner of the mattress as shown in the first two pictures. Make sure that the seam matches up with the shape of the bed as best as possible.

Step 2-b: Next place the opposite corner of the sheet on the opposite corner of the bed. To do this start by taking the sheet corner and stretching the sheet across the bed, shown in the third picture. Then punch the corner of the sheet towards the corner of the bed while holding the fitted seam of the sheet. Hold your fist in the corner of the sheet on the corner of the bed and stretch the sheet around the mattress. This will give the perfect tautness to the sheet on the mattress.

Step 2-c: Choose another corner of the sheet that you will place next, for example, the upper left corner. With the same technique place this corner on the upper left corner of the mattress.

Step 2-d: Finally, place the last corner with the same techniques as steps 2-b and 2-c to complete putting the fitted sheet on the mattress. This last step is shown in the video.

Step 3: Place the Flat Sheet on the Bed.

Do this by placing the patterned side of the sheet towards the bed or the hemmed side facing up (the white side seen in the pictures). This may be different than you are used to and can honestly be done whichever way you prefer. This method ensures, however, that the softest sides of the sheets will be on your body. Make sure that the thicker hem, seen in the second picture, is towards the head of the bed and flush with the edge, as seen in the last photo. The remainder of the sheet will fall evenly on the sides and off the foot of the bed.

Step 4: Create the Professional Square Sheet Corners.

This is the step that will produce a hotel or hospital worthy bed with square corners from the flat sheet. This is done in a few steps.

Step 4-a: Tuck the end of the sheet under the mattress starting in the middle and moving to both sides. Make certain to tuck the remainder of the sheet hanging over the bed neatly under the bed. This is shown in the first video and picture.

Step 4-b: At either side, pull the top side of the flat sheet parallel with the foot of the bed and fold towards the head of the bed and tuck the first six inches of the sheet under the mattress.

Step 4-c: While still holding the sheet pull it towards the foot of the bed and the ground creating a crease perpendicular to the ground and tuck the remainder of the sheet under the mattress. Steps 4-b and 4-c are demonstrated in the second video.

Step 4-d: Repeat steps 4-a through 4-c on the other side to get the perfect sheet corner seen in the last photo.

Step 5: Place Pillow(s) in Pillowcase(s).

A nice trick to make this a little easier is to scrunch the pillowcase together so that one side of the pillow is already at the end as seen in the second photo. Then the pillowcase can slide right up the pillow. Another trick is to place a bit of the pillow in the pillowcase and then grab the end of the pillow and pull it into the case. I also always try to put the tags and the zipper in first. Place the pillows at the head of the bed (last photo).

Step 6: Put the Comforter on the Bed.

This is very straightforward and is done similarly to placing the flat sheet on the bed. Make sure the tag is near the bottom left corner as seen in the first photo and that the comforter covers the pillows while falling evenly over the sides. The rest falls over the foot of the bed. This completes the method for professionally making the bed.

Sleep soundly!

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    3 years ago

    WOW SO COOL! MY bed is WAAY nicer now that i have made it. Also I slept better with clean sheets!

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