The Perfect Potato Gun Ignitor

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In this Ible, I will show you the best potato canon ignitor.
I not only lasts long, but works great.

You will need:
A (non-electric) BBQ Grill Ignitor (Home Depot- $6)
Electrical tape
Soldering gun (Optional)
A decent brain
Wire strippers

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Step 1: Trash

You only need one wire for this igniter. so throw the other one away or keep it in your spares pile.

Step 2: Strip the Wire

Now cut the wire to a length around a half inch past the tip of the igniter and strip it so it can bend over the tip.

Step 3: Connect

Push the wire (or solder) into the tab at the side.  Now bend the wire over the tip at the end.

Step 4: Finish

Wrap a piece of decent size electrical tape around the wire on the tab to prevent movement and other currents.  Install in your potato gun and enjoy!!!

P.S.- Make sure the wire stays bent while your installing it.

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