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Introduction: The Perfect Smore - GOLD EDITION

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In this Instructable I will show you the best way to make a smore at a campfire. This is for the pros, be prepared to take spend more time than the kids around you burning theirs in the fire.

Step 1: The Materials

This is a no brainer.


Fire (more importantly, the coals)
A nice long stick
Graham Crackers

Step 2: The Technique

This is the main reason you're here!

The best way roast the marshmallow is in the smoldering coals, which is actually hotter than the flame at times, but no flame to catch your treat on fire. This will take longer to cook, but is definitely worth it.

You want to watch your main ingredient carefully, slowly rotating it until you reach a nice golden brown color. Take away every now and then so you don't burn it! This insures a perfect smore.

Step 3: Putting It All Together

Ok, this is a no brainer. If you need help, note to the pictures.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Now Enjoy your Premium Golden Smore! Please rate and comment 2nd Instructable.




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    Very. There's a recipe in a cookbook I have that suggests Graham Crackers, but it's American and I live in Wales and I've never heard of them :(

    It is like a cracker that tastes like a cookie. It is thin and usually golden brown and tastes lightly of honey. It usually is somewhat porous and is light yet hard. It has a honey-sugar taste
    Its a recipe if you want to see for yourself!!

    Sorry to post late here, but I live in Australia, and if you say 'Graham Cracker' to someone, they get this really blank look.... :S FYI I do know what they are my self... :)

    Nice instructable, but I prefer the taste of my marshmallows after they've been engulfed in flame. (Actually I usually burn it to a crisp, slide the outside off and eat it, then burn it agian. Double dipping lol!)

    Smores are much, much better if you spend five minutes making each smore instead of one - roasting them slowly  until they're golden brown and completely gooey and puffy all the way through. If done right, the marshmallow should be on the brink of falling off the stick until you quickly save it from its fiery demise.

    The sign of a perfect marshmallow is when it puffs up to about double its size and is uniformly golden and cracked all over. This can take much longer than burning your marshmallow in the fire, but it is oh so worth it. Also, it helps you pace yourself so you can eat more of them!

    I used to put the chocolate on the graham cracker and next to the fire to melt the chocolate, but if you do the marshmallow right it gets burning hot all the way through and will completely melt the chocolate in the time it takes for it to cool down enough to eat - this also prevents the chocolate form becoming TOO liquid and on your hands instead of all over the marshmallow.

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    I approve of your method, the coals are unequivocally the best way to toast the marshmallows. Flames are for kids and the impatient.

    i take the skewer, jab a cracker thriucgh it, then poke a holle in the chocolate and so forth so i have a smore on a stick, not just the 'mallow.

    torture, true torture. they look delicious lol

    what i do is i take a skewer, lite the end so there is a flame on the tip. then i blow it out and slap it on a tree. it should become a sparkler for a few seconds.

    The best part about smores is running around with a flaming marshmallow torch!