The Perfumed Heart

Introduction: The Perfumed Heart

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This is one for the fellas (mostly)... ;-)

What could be more romantic than a signature solid perfume presented in a handmade clay heart???

For this project you will need:
Sculpey clay
Sculpey glaze
Paint (if the clay is not coloured)
Soap/bath bomb moulds

Carrier oil (like sweet almond)
Essential oils
Double boiler (or make shift equivalent)

Matching ribbon
Contrasting ribbon (optional)
Clear glue

Step 1:

Start by warming the sculpey in your hands by rolling and kneading.

When the clay feels pliable we can press it into the moulds.

For the base press the clay into the mould, making sure there are no gaps, and slice off any excess from the back.

Next, create a hollow space in the back - use a small container (like a lip balm pot) to create an even shape (you'll see what will happen if you don't do this later on...).

Remove the clay from inside the circle and smooth out the inside of the dip. This process will probably create more excess clay - just slice it away as before.

For the top, repeat the first step, but leave the back solid.

If you're using a silicone mould, you should be able to pop the pieces straight out. However, if you are using a solid mould (like I did) then it would be a good idea to pop the pieces in the freezer for about thirty minutes. There will still be some distortion when when the clay is prised out of the mould, but the colder temperature will keep this to a minimum.

Step 2:

Once the clay is out of the moulds you can bake them in the oven. The guidelines say 15 minutes, but I find 10 to be sufficient.

Make sure to allow the clay to cool fully before handling.

If you have used coloured clay, you can skip to the glazing.

Now it's time for the paint.

I used acrylic gloss and I chose black because it's slightly less traditional, but still quite seductive...

Paint both the outside and inside.

Once the paint is dry, we can glaze.

Step 3:

While we're waiting for the glaze to dry completely we can start preparing the beeswax and mixing our scent...

We'll need about a teaspoon of grated (or finely chopped) beeswax to mix with the carrier oil. Once you've grated enough wax, set it to one side so we can work on the scent.

As this will be worn on the skin, keep each essential oil to a maximum of 40 drops.

If you have a selection of essential oils, a good way of deciding what will go together is to remove the caps of a few of them and inhale the mixed aroma.

If you are unsure about the 'science of scents' stick with a single scent that can stand alone, like vanilla or patchouli.

Or you can use this recipe:
40 drops of Lavender
35 drops of Lily Of The Valley
30 drops of Lilac
25 drops of Sandlwood
15 drops of Musk
20 drops of Green Apple

Make sure, however, that your scent is mixed by the time you're ready to melt the wax.

Step 4:

Once the glaze is completely dry we can blend all of the ingredients.

To melt the wax you'll need a double boiler (which is, essentially, a large pan filled with boiling water with a smaller pot sitting inside of it).

Grated wax* will melt really quickly, so put the carrier oil into the pot first.

Once the wax has melted, remove from the heat, add your essential oil mix and stir in.

The wax will start to solidify quite quickly, so spoon the liquid into the clay 'pot' swiftly. And, as you can see, a decent shaped hole and a steady surface would make for a tidier finish ( first timer mistakes...!)

* Grating wax while watching figure skating on TV may lead to injury...

Step 5:

While the perfume is setting, cut three pieces of ribbon - one, small matching piece to form the hinge and two longer pieces for the 'clasp'. Burn the cut edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying.

Place the two heart halves next to each other and cover one side of the small piece of the ribbon with glue.

Place the ribbon on top of the two heart pieces and carefully press into place.

Add the two long pieces of ribbon to the outer curve of each heart half, in the same fashion.

Allow the glue to dry.

Step 6:

Once the glue is dry close the heart and tie the longer ribbons together.

Place in a gift box for your loved one!

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