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This is a spacecraft/plane I made from knex, called the phantom. It has a robot arm which is very manoeuvrable (using ball joints), an internal sloped runway and two rotating cannons.

I am posting this because it has good aesthetics, is sturdy and robust, and is simple, so many people can build it. Also, I think it would be cool to see more planes and rockets on this weapon-infested site.

This is a deliberately simple plane, so it will be very easy to mod. On the last step, I will show you a larger six-engined variant, although it is uglier, skinnier and rather cumbersome. This model is much more refined and shaped better. Feel free to post a photo of your model below, It would be cool to see this in original or full metallic colours!

Lastly, would people like to see more of this kind of stuff? (i.e not guns)

Step 1: Misc. Parts


Step 2: Fuselage

If you have any complaints about following this step, please feel free to keep them to yourself.

Step 3: Rear

If you can't see an image note on every picture of this step, it's bugged. Refresh the page.

Step 4: Wings

Build two of these (obviously). All panel pieces can be replaced by either a white snowflake piece (for the square one) or a yellow/grey five tooth (for the triangular ones)

Step 5: Final Assembly


Step 6: Finishing Note

So now you've made it, why not photograph your model? Modding is strongly encouraged, I deliberately tried to keep the frills low, to stop it looking too vulgar, and perhaps to encourage people to have a go, so better features and cooler looks could be achieved!

Here's a picture of a 6 engined variant. It has a skinnier body, no robot arm, two missile launchers at the back  and an array of cannons along the fuselage. It lacks a robot arm, and the two extra engines have been removed. The engines can be slid off as they are connected to purple connectors. They clip back on just in front of the missile launchers (the two black triangular panels that are raised higher than the other engines. The fuselage cannons are the ball joint connectors on the blue rods. The second picture is the model from this instructable so you can compare the two. 

Finally, why not build a hanger? I made 3 very small versions of this (twin engined), and made a storage tower for them. It was part of a huge moon colony I made, check it out here!



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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks, I'm sure if you just put your mind to it, you could produce much better results than what you have so far achieved!
    The story of the phantom goes like this: I bought the knex space shuttle kit years ago. I modified the shuttle so it had 2 of the large engines like the Phantom. I later made the body longer and added the 2 fins near the front, because I was inspired by the Eurofighter Typhoon.
    Next, I added the fins at the tips of each wing. Finally, I doubled the wingspan, elongated the body further and my creation was finished for then. After that, it was a long time before it became the 6 engined monster from Step 6. It was a year after I made that version that I found it again under my bed. All that was left was the cockpit and 1 engine, the rest had been put in a gun. So from memory I built the Phantom, minus the 2 extra engines which looked a little cumbersome. I made the body much wider, nearly twice as wide as it was and I added the internal runway and the robot arm!
    Finally, did you see The Juggernaut? You probably commented and I replied but I don't remember stuff like that lol. I will be posting a slideshow soon with some EPIC mods!

    Head to my Moon colony slideshow to see the original space shuttle I based this off (it's hard to see, but look at the photo of the double story tower, there are 3 space shuttles on the first floor!

    Sorry but I'm having killer safe cracker's problem, not being able to manage my group, please remove this from my innovative and active knex GUN community group.

    2 replies

    8 years ago on Introduction

    I have completed this plane's soul mate from the land XD Rotating turret, 6 wheel drive and (hopefully, still working on it) suspension! The Cannon will likely only be for show though, I'm not sure :/ And there will be functional opening hatches throughout this tank car thing :D


    8 years ago on Introduction

    LOL! (Pic 3) Awesome Jet!!! 3.5!!!! (I now live by my word on ratings)