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Introduction: The Phoenix- a K'nex Roller Coaster

About: you will find out a lot. of things about me as Im on here. But here are some things about me.: 3 -i like building knex - i play drums (im rather good,) - arachnaphobic - drawer - animal lover - I like movies...

Hello again! This Instructable shows you my latest K'nex roller coaster, The Phoenix. The coaster model is a Gerstlauer Eurofighter. Specific parts of the coaster were indeed inspired off of Mystery Mine at Dollywood and other Eurofighters such as Saw the Ride at Thorpe Park and Daredevil Dive at Six Flags Over Georgia. Personally I find the ride that Eurofighters give almost up there with classic B&M's.
I would prefer for you to please not ask me to post this as a step by step instructable. As you can see from the pictures, the coaster is very long (as in dimension) and piece intensive.
I worked a long three months on this coaster so enjoy and subscribe!!!!



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    wow this is great you should really make more, these are the only types of microcoasters that i like keep it up :D

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    Yay! Another build from you! This coaster is very neat, its immensily detailed.

    I bet Shadowman was annoyed since he is building Citadel and with the pieces this takes up....(you can probably see the point I'm trying to make). Then again, you guys have tons of K'nex. :D

    Thanks again for sharing. :-)

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    Thanks! Lol yea I used up practically all of the green rods while building this. You're welcome!

    That is really cool! One quick question. What's the "wheel" for that spins above the cars at the entrance to the first lift. Is it to push cars into the chain? Just curious. Great job!

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    Thanks! No it wasn't to push the cars to the chain, it was for decoration (inspired off of Saw the Ride).

    That looks really cool! I like the details that you put in it, like the station and stairs. You also really captured the Eurofighter look, with those lift hills and drops, great job!

    And yeah, Eurofighters are a lot of fun :D

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