The Phone Eater

This is a sock that protects your phone from impacts. I made the first one because I was looking for an original and handmade gift for my mom's birthday. It looks like a monster that eats your phone.

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Step 1:

You need :
- white or grey baby socks
- a needle and some coloured thread
- three buttons or more if you want
- scissors
-pearls, nailpolish, ribbons

Step 2:

First step : With the scissors, cut the heel of the sock, following the seam. That will be the monster's mouth and the hole, which you will slip your phone into.

Step 2 : Sew on the border of the hole, making loops with the needle and the thread around the border in order to strengthen the cloth. That is the longest and the hardest part of your work.

Step 3:

Step 3 : Then, close the top of the sock (the other opening of the sock) with a needle, thread and pearls. That could be the crown or the hairstyle of your monster.

Step 4:

Step 4 : Now, you can sew on the three buttons to make the eyes and the nose. The more the buttons don't match, the funnier your sock will be.

Step 5 (the last) : Customize your sock as you want, using nailpolish, ribbons, pearls...

My advice : Be careful to hide the knots inside the sock.

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