The Photographer Car Mods

Introduction: The Photographer Car Mods

Alright! So here's my project: I'm going to 3D print at the local maker-space accessories for my car geared towards a passion of mine: photography. I always have my gear in bags and keep forgetting things or loosing them so this time I'm going to keep everything properly arranged in my car. Of course the expensive things are to be hidden to avoid theft, but things such as tripods, cables... etc ready at hand!

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Step 1: Tripod Fixtures

Tripods. I have a few of these; one for the mud, the other for in ocean water (beaches, waves...) and lastly my expensive one. The idea is to cad a simple fixture for all three in my trunk, try it out in cardboard and then 3d print it.

Since tripods were my main concern I devised a general clip/claw that squeezes between the seats and sits there extremely snug yet doesn't bother anyone. By reversing the claw it can also clip on the seats thus serving an alternate purpose of a hanger. In this position you suspend heavy bags (good for expensive gear) or hang cables, clothes... etc

Here are the models:

Step 2: Lens Holders & Camera Bag

Hmm Lens are fragile and expensive and don't like major temperature fluctuations so I decided not to do these after all. Instead the bag is suspended on a "all-use" hook designed prior for the tripods.

Step 3: Results

Haha! After many failed prints the final results turned out to be quite awesome!

Step 4: And One More for the Ride

Skateboard clip. Why not? It may not look very stable but it very snug against the seats and doesn't move an inch!

Step 5: This Is Addicting

Broken car handles, phone holder, air vents ducts.... hmmm I know what's next!

Step 6: Conclusions

3D printing is awesome! Imagination is the only boundaries to creativity! And just in case you are out of ideas just look here: .

And since the prize is for a 3D printer I though I'd demonstrate what I would do all day long if I had one of those awesome babies ;) !

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