The Poly-Cap

Introduction: The Poly-Cap

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Hello guys! This is floppyman2. Today with a new invention, called the Poly-Cap, we are going to learn how to construct a simple cap that cools you down. To begin this we will need:

Wires 2x

Hot glue

A cap

A soldering iron

A DC Motor

A propellor

A Solar Panel

Step 1: Soldering the DC Motor to the Solar Panel

WHATEVER you do, never touch/hold the soldering iron by the metal. (This is what I did on my first try) ALWAYS hold the handle. First, hold your SIG wire and coat it with solder. (Use the tip of the soldering iron to spread the solder onto the end of the wire) Do the same with both sides of the GND wire. Then, using the soldering iron, press down the GND wire onto the back of the negative side of the solar panel. Do the same for the SIG wire, but on the positive side. Solder both the wires the same way onto the back of the DC motor.

Step 2: Hot-gluing the Circuit

After you have soldered, wait 5-10 minutes for it to cool down, and hot glue the dc motor onto the underside at the peak of your cap. Then hot glue solar panel to the top of your cap. WARNING: DO NOT GET GLUE ONTO SOLDER. Hot glue the propellor to the DC motor. You're all done! thanks for Reading! Enjoy!

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    2 years ago

    why were you stupid enough to touch the metal!!??