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Introduction: The Polystyrene Gets Green

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Well, I was thinking of the office which I spend nearly 9 hours a day in, and I needed to change something.
I had a long time thinking, until I saw that piece of expandable polystyrene going out of some box, and that was the spark of what I think a great idea.
Well, instead of throwing it a way, I put some sweet-smelling shadow plant. By that, I got some benefits such as:
- Recycling something.
- Getting nice creature growing everyday, which by the way gives a lot of hope.
- Getting the nice natural smell in the office.

I think it is very good idea, as we see lot of thing thrown away everyday such as plastic bottles, polystyrene stuff ... etc.

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Step 1: Choose Your Materials

Now we come to gather our favorite materials, as shown I chose apiece of black squared expandable polystyrene, and I bought some Sweet Basil seeds.
So you'll need:
- some container of your chose(get sure it doesn't leak).
- seeds for you plant.
- potting soil.
- hay (for covering the soil).

Step 2: Fill It With the Soil

For the Sweet Basil seeds, it must be plant 1 centimeter bellow the soil surface.
Fill the container with soil without the last centimeter.

Step 3: Prepare the Seeds

Prepare the seeds by getting them out of the package, putting them on a tissue for example.
Now spread them wisely in the container, make sure you put the seeds all around it.

Step 4: Get Everything Done

Now cover the seeds with the last centimeter of siol, and you may like to cover the soil with some hay.

Step 5: Water for Life

Keep on watering it, and you'll get a nice natural peice of life to your desktop.

Hope you like it !

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, that looks really nice, it's a great way to brighten up your workplace, with something green.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Great job! Don't stop there though! You should turn this 'ibble into 'how to make your office more livable through recycling'. Plants really help brighten up a workspace, but also has the added benefit of clearing the air and introducing more oxygen, thus increasing people's productivity. Maybe donate a prize (better yet, get the boss to donate a prize ;) ) and have a contest for who has the 'greenest' work area (by greenest I mean both plants and recycling). At my current job*, our boss has competitions for various tasks that we would already have to do, but it helps keep things light, productive, and just hilarious at times. Prizes usually involve a nice $50 bill, a 24 of beer, or T-Bone dinners! (It helps that he also owns a restaurant ;) ) *I always say 'current' because I always plan on becoming self employed, not cause I bounce from job to job.