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Well, I was thinking of the office which I spend nearly 9 hours a day in, and I needed to change something.
I had a long time thinking, until I saw that piece of expandable polystyrene going out of some box, and that was the spark of what I think a great idea.
Well, instead of throwing it a way, I put some sweet-smelling shadow plant. By that, I got some benefits such as:
- Recycling something.
- Getting nice creature growing everyday, which by the way gives a lot of hope.
- Getting the nice natural smell in the office.

I think it is very good idea, as we see lot of thing thrown away everyday such as plastic bottles, polystyrene stuff ... etc.

Step 1: Choose Your Materials

Now we come to gather our favorite materials, as shown I chose apiece of black squared expandable polystyrene, and I bought some Sweet Basil seeds.
So you'll need:
- some container of your chose(get sure it doesn't leak).
- seeds for you plant.
- potting soil.
- hay (for covering the soil).

Step 2: Fill It With the Soil

For the Sweet Basil seeds, it must be plant 1 centimeter bellow the soil surface.
Fill the container with soil without the last centimeter.

Step 3: Prepare the Seeds

Prepare the seeds by getting them out of the package, putting them on a tissue for example.
Now spread them wisely in the container, make sure you put the seeds all around it.

Step 4: Get Everything Done

Now cover the seeds with the last centimeter of siol, and you may like to cover the soil with some hay.

Step 5: Water for Life

Keep on watering it, and you'll get a nice natural peice of life to your desktop.

Hope you like it !



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Cool, that looks really nice, it's a great way to brighten up your workplace, with something green.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Great job! Don't stop there though! You should turn this 'ibble into 'how to make your office more livable through recycling'. Plants really help brighten up a workspace, but also has the added benefit of clearing the air and introducing more oxygen, thus increasing people's productivity. Maybe donate a prize (better yet, get the boss to donate a prize ;) ) and have a contest for who has the 'greenest' work area (by greenest I mean both plants and recycling). At my current job*, our boss has competitions for various tasks that we would already have to do, but it helps keep things light, productive, and just hilarious at times. Prizes usually involve a nice $50 bill, a 24 of beer, or T-Bone dinners! (It helps that he also owns a restaurant ;) ) *I always say 'current' because I always plan on becoming self employed, not cause I bounce from job to job.