The PondCam. a Cheap Underwater Camera




Introduction: The PondCam. a Cheap Underwater Camera

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I needed a camera to check if there is a problem with our small pond. Did not want to by now an expensive GoPro.
I had this 1Mpixel camera I bought a day for 10Euros. So to the Batcave.... no... to the Garage and start improvising.

It's now better than the GoPro, It has headlights.

Step 1: What I Needed

- One cheap camera

- A waterproof electrical plastic box

- Silicon

- small sheet of Plexiglas and wood

- Plexiglas sliders for furniture

- 2x 10mm white Leds with resistor wires and a 9v block battery

Step 2: The Build

First, cut a big hole with a drill bit. With a bigger one cut a hole in the Plexiglas, but kept the round piece.

Drill 2 smaller holes in the cover. Then the Plexiglas round piece and the 2 sliders for furniture were glued with silicon inside the cover.

With wood build a backplate and fix 2 smaller pieces left and right.

Now drill small holes in the wood for the wiring of the LED's. On the backside use Hot glue to keep the wires in place. With foam hold the camera in place.

Place all in the box, switch the cam on record. Close the cover and...... to the pond :)



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    4 Discussions

    I enjoyed seeing how you figured this out. Good mind!

    1 reply

    Thank you, improvise is my second name ;)

    how much was that cheap HD camera and where did you get it?

    1 reply

    Hi I found this one at ebay for about 10$. It was a refurbished one and was in my "maybe I need it box" since 2 years

    The model is a SILVERCREST (DV-1000 HD)