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There's the Poong Stick.

There are helicopters.

Somehow, the PoongCopter was inevitable...

Step 1: Requirements

The requirements are minimal - two popsicle or craft sticks, and something to work them.  My Leatherman has a nice file, or you could use a rotary tool with a cutting or sanding disc.

Step 2: Poong.

Start by making a short Poong Stick (see the original Instructable).

The exact length is not important, but you need to add two slots half way down the stick.  The slots are significantly wider than the thickness of the stick.

Step 3: Blades

Cut or snap the other popsicle stick in half, and cut a slot in each cut end. 

Again, the slots should be quite wide, but this time they should be slightly longer than half the width of the popsicle stick.

Step 4: Assembly and Flight

Slot it all together!  Overlapping the ends of the wings should provide enough friction to stop things flying apart.

The trick is to make sure you get them the right way round.

In the photo, the wings are set up for flying the PoongCopter right-handed, with the rounded end pointing down.

Just like the original Poong Stick, you fly the PoongCopter with a combination of a click of the fingers so spin, plus a gentle throw for altitude.


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