The Popsicle Lamp

Intro: The Popsicle Lamp

Well, this is my entry to the Let It Glow Contest. And since, this is just my second instructable, I can say that I am very proud of my idea for this one. This lamp definitely suits a zen-inspired room, a rustic dining table, an office - almost anywhere! You can even vary this design if you want - hang it on the wall or the ceiling, or just let it lie like that on the floor.

Meh, and since I live in the other side of the globe (Philippines), I'll be very glad if ever I get an award (a little robo-shirt is too much!)

[ Before I joined The Instructables, I taught myself how to contribute ideas that will only require a little effort on gluing, assembling, or finding materials for an instructable, of course while considering still its design, usefulness, and practicality.]

Step 1: The Materials

The materials are very cheap, really. You can actually find these stuff somewhere in your house. If ever you don't have some of the items listed, you can take a walk on your favorite hardware/craft shop and buy those. But since I live in a different country, I cannot give you the prices of each.

1. Lots of popsicle sticks (craftshops anyone?)
2. Elmer's Glue All
3. Screw/Screwdriver (optional)
4. A plug with a wire (switch is optional)
5. Receptacle
6. Warmlight bulb

Step 2: Getting Started!

Firstly, put two popsicle sticks in a parallel position, with a distance of a popsicle-stick-length to each other. (see pic. 1)

Glue all the ends of the pair. (see pic. 2)

Let a minute or two to pass, then place another pair of the sticks to form a square. (see pic. 3)

Step 3: Create the Tower!

Continue stacking the sticks up in pairs until you get your desired height of the lamp. To cover the roof of the 'tower', see pic. 3. It'll just take a dozen of sticks, a few-than-an-ounce of glue, and common sense.

Step 4: Make the Base for the Bulb

I used a cut-out cardboad for the base of my lamp. With cardboard, I can easily modify my lamp better some time after. As I mentioned earlier, you can vary the materials since this is an oh-so-easy instructable.

I didn't show how to put up the light itself, since there are already lots of 'em here and my Ible is all about popsicle sticks lighted up.

Step 5: Enjoy.

As the title of this page suggests, enjoy!



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    11 months ago

    what is the benefits of this popsicle lampshade.