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I found a portable bar at a thrift store for $2.00. It was a great find. I found an old foot stool at another thrift store and removed the legs. They are screwed and glued on to one of the sides turning it into a foot stool. I got a yard of material and cushioned the top. Put a bottle of liquor in it and wrapped it up as a Christmas gift. The Portable bar stool...such a fun creation.

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Easy to make and adorable

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    Sure...the hardest part was drilling and screwing the legs on so that it was sturdy. It's not strong enough to sit on but you can put your feet up on it. I removed nothing from the inside and just cleaned it up. I kept all the scratches and dents to keep it authentic. To put the legs on, I drilled through the side (now the bottom) into each leg and then screwed in deck screws..not too deep or long. One in each leg but before I tightened them, I put a little gorilla glue to secure them better and to keep the legs from spinning. The fabric and stuffing was stapled onto the side (now the top) and I covered the staples with electrical tape. It's stretchy and sticks well.

    That's it. It was a big hit in the family