The Portable Pencil Cannon ( the PPC)

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Make a small portable pencil cannon out of things you can find in art class or at home.

Step 1: The Supplies

All you will need is
1x Hollow Tubular Tube (Duh)
2x Bulldog Clips
1x Rubber Band
(and maybe a small piece of black tape or aero film to make it look nice)

Step 2: The Barrel

Now you need to get your piece of tubing... i got an old OHP (over head projector) pen that i stole from a teacher and cut an 8cm or 3 1/4in piece from it also because it fits a normal pencil through it(my primary ammo)... Also yo can cover the barrel in Aero film or Black tape to make it look nice.

Step 3: The Firing Mechanism

First. put one bulldog clip flush with one end of the barrel then take the silver clips off by squeezing the base of them. This is easier for the rubber band to hold on to.

Second. place rubber band over the back top part of the bulldog clip and pull to the front of the clip, twist and pull to the back of the barrel.

Third. when fixing the band with another bulldog clip try to align the band with the middle of the barrel to allow even power distribution to make it fly staight.
( if you dont understand i didnt miss out the photos of the steps even if they are easy)

Step 4: Cleaning UP

now to smooth the edges and add a nice film cover to the ugly bulldog clips
(i used a metal nail file to smooth the edges).

Step 5: End Product / Troubleshooting

This is waht your PPC should look like. I'll also show you how to fire if your that slow.

Trouble shooting
1.if your band isnt powerful enough, back in step 3 you put the band on the back instead put the band on the front and twist an extra time.
2. if your ammo wont shoot straight you need to re-align your band to the middle of the PPC.
3.if your ammo still wont shoot straight you will need to make an adaptor for smaller ammo, check back later for an instructable on it.



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