The Predator Costume

I hope everyone enjoys this costume as much as I did!!!:)

Step 1: Bio Helmet

Let’s start at the top of the costume and work our way down. The hair for the predator costume is made out of concrete backing rod that was melted at the ends and then covered in black plastic dip and painted flat black. The hair barrette is made from large rubber bands that was painted red and grey. The bio helmet itself is made of plaster. It does make the helmet heaver, but I was able to carve the symbols in the top of the helmet using a hand held wood chisel I then added 3 red led lights for the laser on the side of the helmet.

Step 2: Liquid Latex Skin, Hands Feet and Body

The skin is made from liquid latex and foam. I shaped the muscles out of foam and then covered them with liquid latex. I attached the foam to a body suit. I then painted the skin and added the netting. The netting was a decorative netting found at a craft store. The black moles on the body were jewels that I found at the local craft store that I painted black. I did the same process for the hand and feet of the costume. the latex for the hands was brushed on an old pair of gloves, the latex for the feet was stretched over an old pair of shoes.

Step 3: The Cannon

The cannon is on a motion sensor. (Yes it moves on its own). I used a fake security camera for the base of the cannon and then created the cannon itself out of water bottles, parts to an old water gun and foam. I then added a L.E.D light at the end of the cannon. Please see video to see it move.

Step 4: The Arm Armor

The blades for the left arm are made from craft wood. I was able to make a slide for the blades so when I curled my fist the blades would shoot out about 3 inches. With the right arm armor, I installed flashing led lights to mimic the timer in the movie.

Step 5: Body Armor

All of the armor pieces are made of craft foam that were hot glued together and then covered with a couple of coats of EVA glue and then painted. A protective coat of clear plastic dip was added as a last layer of paint.

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walter.deckert.3The JacobS

Reply 1 year ago

So the helmet was made out of plaster gauze very easy to work with. The Body hands and feet were made from liquid latex. All of the armor piecese are made form craft foam or EVA foam. You will Need, black, silver, gray paints Hot glue (lots of hot glue) contact cement. You can either create your own templates for all the parts or you can get the templates online. This costume took a while to make about 4 months. I hope this helps you. If you have anyother questions I can be reached at


2 years ago

Wowzers! That is something to be proud of!! very cool, looks truly amazing.

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