The PrintrBot Simple and CURA/Flash and Get the Software/Then Go, Go, GO!

Introduction: The PrintrBot Simple and CURA/Flash and Get the Software/Then Go, Go, GO!

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  • Okay! Turn on your computer...
  • Plug in your PrintrBot Simple.
  • Make sure all your settings and options are the way you choose them to be.
  • Remember to use Pronterface UI under preferences before printing in 3D using CURA (latest version).
    • If you need to flash your board to the latest firmware, please do this before attempting this example.
  • Flash and get ready!
    • So, by now the computer has started and the PrintrBot Simple is plugged in and working via USB and power source.
    • Now...we need to download CURA.
    • Go to and look for the software CURA download link.
    • Download the CURA (latest version) software.
  • Once downloaded...Run it!
  • Once ran, please open your software with your computer while your PrintrBot Simple is plugged into the outlet and the computer via USB...



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Step 1: RE: After Everything Is Connected and Set Up/Get on In!

Hello Again,

  • Okay...we need to get an .stl file for the PrintrBot and CURA 3D print.
  • Go to
    • Look over the page. Get familiar with its easy interface.
    • Go over to their option "Explore."
    • Click on it and go to "Customizable Things."
      • Click on that link for customizable things.
    • Now...
      • Go to the search bar.
      • Type in "knobs."
      • Scroll down the screen to find your specific knob. We have chosen a black range knob.
    • Click on the knob to open the specific window screen for our download link for that knob.
  • Download your knob in a .stl file format.
    • Get that .stil file of the knob.



Step 2: RE: After the Knob Has Downloaded and We Need to Set Up CURA for Our Print/Seth

Hello Everyone,

  • The first pages of set up information are what people already know but it is needed in some circumstances.
    • Now...
      • We need to upload our downloaded file from to our CURA software.
      • Upload that "sucker!"
      • Now...we need to set up some additional steps.
    • Oh...
      • If you have not used CURA before...
        • Here...
      • Go to "file" and then to "load model file..."
      • Click on "load model file..."
      • Search through your computer to find your downloaded .stl file of the knob.
      • Click it...
        • Actually, double click the .stl file to upload it to CURA.
    • Once uploaded to CURA, go to "file" and click on "print."
    • This should bring up your Printer Screen, i.e. it hovers over the CURA software.



Step 3: RE: Now...We Are Ready to Have Our Items Print...

Hello Again,

Here it goes...

  • Once you click print, do not abandon your machine while it is printing.
  • It should take a couple of minutes. Probably, the whole entire amount of time will only add up to about 15 minutes of printing time for this specific print.
    • So, kick back and watch your machine in action.



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    4 years ago

    Nice detailed instructions! Way to go!