The Prism Lamp

Introduction: The Prism Lamp

This is a wall-hanging lamp i designed in my CIM class. It seemed fitting to post an instructable since i was inspired by a light cube i saw a few years back on here. The colors you choose are up to you, i just chose the scheme i thought best

Step 1: Getting Started

Equipment: Plasma cutter
                      Pinch welder
                      Sand blaster
                    1/16 inch steel sheet metal (15x15)
                     Rust-preventing paint
                     Lighting gels
                     Inner workings of lamp
                     Picture frame hooks (2)

Step 2: Cutting the Piece

1. trace the template in inventor, to the size of 14x14 inches. Export to a .dxf
2. insert into plasma cut software
3. zero the piece, making sure the torch has room to cut edges
4. select cut path
5. cut preview
6. cut part
7. remove from cutting table
8. ensure no excess pieces are stuck to the part

Step 3: Bending

using a bender, clamp the bender on bend 1 and fold to 90 degrees
remove the piece, and bend bend number 2 back 10 degrees by hand. this is to allow the tab to fold in
bend along bend 3 using the bender until it touches or cannot go any farther
remove the part and pinch weld the tab to face 3, welding consecutively along the tab to ensure stability
clamp a flat surface to the underside of face 1, onto fold line 3.
hammer face 2 along fold 3 on the outside, so as to make the bend less rounded, and take tension off of the weld points
bend using the bender, on line 4 until at 90 degrees
repeat last step for line 5
bend 4 and 5 till the lamp can rest flat on a table, if the top tab is hanging off of the table.
Bend line 6 using the bender until it is at 90 degrees
bend this until it touches the tabs of fold 4 and 5

Step 4: Finishing

sand blast the part to remove any scratches or blemishes on both the interior and exterior to ensure it doesnt rust.
Put whatever paint color you see fit, or just leave it silver.
Using lighting gel of your desired color, glue them to the inside of the lamp, as to cover the cutouts. this will change the color of the light.

Step 5: Mounting

First, you could put in the interior parts of another lamp into this one, draping the cord out through the bottom point. The lamp would then be secured to the wall using hooks used for picture frames and such.

Or, you could put this over an existing wall light, again hanging it with picture frame hooks

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    i havent finished it infortunately, my class hasnt given us enough time yet. im gonna try to finish it as soon as possible, probably within the next two weeks