For Information About the Proteous Softtware

Introduction: For Information About the Proteous Softtware

About: I am abbas poryazdanpanah I live in iran I made 30 hand work with Losses I have 70 years old

The video

For information

The bases atmega 8 IC mistake written . should not written 29 – 30 – 31 – 32

and also the base 7 should be connect to +5 volt and the base 8 should be

Connect to -5 volt and the crystal of quartz should be connect to the

Bases 9 and 10

Step 1:

I used before protues 7



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    Port D0 .. D7 is available on both DIP and SMD packages. This means that all the Port D pins are available for you to use.

    I do not have Proteus, so with the simulation, I can not assist. But I did see that Proteus offer the 28-pin version of the ATMEGA8. See image.